Hot Power Fusion

This class is taught by:

Marja Lankinen

Formerly a professional dancer, Marja has danced for Beyonce, Oprah, the Billboard Awards, the Grammys, Frank Gatson, Laurieann Gibson, and the Lumineers. In 2012, Marja moved to Los Angeles after an international dance tour in Asia and transitioned from professional dance to full-time yoga instruction. A credentialed yoga therapist, Marja Lankinen graduated from Loyola Marymount University's Yoga Therapy Rx program and is currently enrolled in the LMU Level III clinical supervised practicum program. She also holds her five hundred hour yoga certification though Annie Carpenter's SmartFlow Yoga, has mentored under SmartFlow master teacher, Tiffany Russo, and assisted Annie Carpenter's SmartFlow 200 hour teacher training in Oakland, California. A lifelong student, Marja has continued her education with Dr. Eden Goldman's STAMPY (Soft Tissue Assessment and Myofascial Release for Bodyworkers and Yoga Teachers) workshop, Healer Training I-III with David Elliot, Reiki I with Racquel Tristan, biomechanics with Jules Mitchell, and Power, Yin Yoga and Hot Power Fusion with Corepower Yoga. For continued edification, Marja shadows physical therapist, Karen Moran, of Fusion Arts Physical Therapy in Encino, CA.

Marja teaches yoga and meditation at UCLA, Sony Motion Picture Studios, YogaWorks, Equinox, and Hot 8 Yoga. She is also the founder and CEO of Yoga for Dancers and specializes in therapeutics and injury prevention techniques for professional dancers at Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio, for the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio's scholarship program, and with choreographer, Gigi Torres, and her Establish Your Empire dance training program. Marja has been a guest teacher for the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago summer intensive at the University of Southern California, the USC Kaufman School of Dance, the USC Trojan Force dance team, The Pulse On Tour, The Edge Performing Arts Center, Tony Tzar's Blacklight Society, Velocity DanceConvention, Culture Shock LA, Kaba Modern Dance Company, After School Matters Hip Hop Dance and Culture Ensemble (Chicago), and NBC Universal. Marja taught Yoga for Athletes for the junior and professional athletes of the United States Tennis Association, is an ambassador at Lululemon Athletica Studio City, and is a contributing writer for LA YOGA Magazine.

Marja has taught at Hot 8 Yoga Beverly Hills since 2012, and, along with Yoga Director, Brit Middleton, she has co-led the 200 hour Hot 8 Yoga teacher trainings from 2014-2017. Marja also co-led Hot 8 Yoga's first yoga retreat to Tulum, Mexico in 2014 with Omar Lopez.

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Janelle Johnson

Janelle, originally from Mystic, CT, took her first yoga class in Fulham, London in 2007. Although, she found it difficult to get through her first class, something keep drawing her back into the practice. She practiced yoga through injuries, marathon training and 2 babies. It kept her balanced in all aspects of her life and taught her to breathe through difficult poses, inside and out of the yoga room.

In early 2012, she received her 200 RYT training in Ormond Beach, Florida and has been teaching since, in the Seattle area. She has continued her education with a 500 RYT program and Yoga Sculpt. She has a true passion for her students whom inspire her everyday and looks forward to assisting your yoga journey/practice, any way that she can, to the best of her ability. Janelle leads a strong, steady and energetic yoga class. She can not wait to meet you!

Alexa Palminteri

Alexa has been studying and practicing movement of the body her whole life. She began dancing at the age of 2 and is currently working as a dance teacher and choreographer all over California. As a dancer, Alexa was constantly used to overusing her body and running it into the ground. Due to many injuries, she was desperate to find a practice that rehabilitated and rejuvenated her body all while keeping it in shape, which is where yoga came in. Alexa fell in love with yoga and how therapeutic it was. After a couple of years of really committing to her practice, she decided to take her passion a step further and become a certified instructor. She recently completed her 200 hours in vinyasa flow and is continuing her education and building her practice through multiple extension programs. Alexa is also currently enrolled in the Yoga Therapy RX program at Loyola Marymount University where she hopes to continue growing as both a student and an instructor, as well as a healer for those in need. Her goal is to provide a challenging, safe, and rejuvenating environment for all her fellow yogis.

Dev Rice

Dev Rice is an RYT-500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher who has been involved in energy work for as long as he can remember. He has completed one RYT- 200 hour teacher training in Hot Power Fusion (Hot 8 Yoga) and one RYT-500 hour teacher training in Vinyasa Flow (YogaWorks). Currently, and gratefully, teaching at Hot 8 Yoga, his classes are accessible to all, challenging and fun. Dev is also a Level-3 Reiki practitioner and is currently working through his 200-hour Kundalini Teacher Training (Golden Bridge Yoga), which he is scheduled to complete in May, 2016.

Daniel McMahon

Dan began practicing hot yoga in Chicago five years ago to address issues with anxiety and get in better physical shape. He found yoga to be much more effective than any medical intervention and gradually began practicing more frequently. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Dan discovered Hot 8, taking advantage of the opportunity to expand his practice into many different styles. In the Spring of 2016 he completed the 200 hour hot yoga teacher training under Deanna Ainsworth in Santa Monica and is excited to be a part of the Hot 8 community. Dan believes in maintaining a beginners mind and treating yoga practice as a lifelong journey. He also sees yoga as the perfect compliment to his other passion, music.

Aine Oregan

"Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing her self to grow, not many knew of her struggle; but eventually all knew of her light.”
An LA native, born and raised in the Studio City area, Áine has always lived a healthy active lifestyle. From playing soccer for twelve years to running Track and Field for five, athletics is part of who she is. When the CorePower Yoga in Sherman Oaks first opened, she came in with her best friend wanting to try something new. Áine started her yoga journey not really expecting much, but instead found, love, community, and a purpose. As she and her practice continued to grow, so did her love and passion for yoga. In 2013, she enrolled in the Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training and never looked back. Since then, she has completed Power Teacher Training, Level Two Training and lastly finished Sculpt Teacher Training and C1.5/C2 training in 2015. Her classes are energetic, fun, and grounding. Áine’s goal is for her students to leave their mat feeling relaxed, clear headed, inspired, as well as challenged. Most importantly, she aspires to help students have fun exploring their true self and connect the mind, body, and spirt so what they learn on the mat travels with them in their daily adventures. Áine can not wait to share her love, passion, and knowledge to those around her!

Kimberly Driscoll

Kimberly was born and raised in Orange County, California. From a very young age she was a free spirit who lived for being active. She was a gymnast, national champion trampolinist and competed in World Championships for trampoline in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition she was a 4 time National Champion springboard/platform diver, a member of the USA Diving National team and competed in several World Championship competitions. She had her eyes set on diving in the Olympic games, until her dreams were shattered and was forced to retire because of wrist injuries. 
Through the struggle of loosing diving Kimberly found yoga and again found herself. She has been practicing yoga for over 7 years and has made it her mission to share her love for yoga with all who are willing to listen. She claims to be a hippie trapped in a modern girls world, and strives to create a class that all levels of student can enjoy.
"My goal is to connect my students with their mind, body and soul. Yoga has changed my life, let me show you how it can change yours."

Lisa Canning

I first tried yoga in 2005 on orders from a physical therapist to help heal a severe knee injury. I thought it would be boring. My first lesson from yoga: don’t believe everything you think.

When practicing the 26 poses in Hot Yoga, I am challenged every time to be courageous, risk, and even enjoy the victories, for example, going years without being able to double wrap my legs, then one day, suddenly, quietly, my legs are wrapped.

My job in the room is simply to guide. Yes, we are there to learn and support each other, but the practice is yours alone.

I have an eclectic background, including a career in the radio broadcasting industry, mostly due to my passion for music. Travel is one of my favorite things, as I am always humbled and inspired by the “less is more” way so many cultures find happiness.

Rachael Bell

One of Rachael's favorite aspects of life, is the opportunity to encourage, impact, and uplift others. Through teaching Yoga, she's found a creative space to plant seeds of kindness, while offering a practice that brings health on a physical and mental level. Her current mantra is "Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn't only about flexibility. Come as you are, and let's play!".

Amanda Dykann

Amanda Dykann was born and raised in Basalt, Colorado a little town outside Aspen. She first discovered Yoga while attending college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and went on to become a certified instructor, attending Bikram Yoga teacher training in Honolulu, Hawaii in the spring of 2007.
Becoming an instructor was the touchstone to Amanda’s lifelong pursuit of health, wellness and the healing arts. A former marathon runner and lifelong skier, yoga was the gate to forging a deep connection between her body, mind and spirit. In March 2008, she traveled to Tulum, Mexico and became a certified teacher of Partner Yoga. This took her desire to another level because it provides a connection between participants that is more hands-on than yoga and introduced her to a way of massage that is more interactive than some of the more traditional styles. In 2009 Amanda continued her education and obtained her 200hr Yoga Alliance certification at Arjuna Yoga in Aspen, CO. In the fall of 2014 she received her second 200hr certification in vinyasa from Hot 8 Yoga. She is currently certified with RYT 500 and ERYT 200.
Now living in LA, Amanda feels blessed to be connected to the beach and the mountains and she travels back and forth from Aspen to LA often.
Amanda received her master’s degree from the University of Santa Monica, in Spiritual Psychology and just recently finished her second degree with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing. She is passionate in what she does, loves teaching, sharing what she has learned and her experience with others.

Stevie Roberts

Stevie has been actively practicing yoga since 2003. While studying theater at the University of Maryland, her voice for actor's teacher introduced the power of asana and pranayama to release tension. It was love at first breath. In 2013 after moving from New York to Los Angeles, Stevie found herself needing to ground down and committed to her practice. Encouraged by support of her family and friends Stevie signed up for Power Yoga Teacher Training in the spring of 2014 and completed Sculpt and Hot Power Fusion training in the spring of 2015. Yoga has enhanced her life by giving her the space to connect to her true self, her inner strength, through the exploration of the practice. Stevie continues to be passionate about learning everything she can about yoga and most importantly sharing it with others.

Stephan Schubert

Stephan has been practicing yoga for some years now, but really fell in love with it and the sweat more recently in the Big Apple. Drawn to Hot Yoga by its athletic aspects he also found concentration and focus, something that helps him as a performer and a human being on many levels. After arriving in LA and finding the clarity, support and warmth (!) of Hot8, it was time to deepen the practice here; and Julia, Dakota and Brit have been wonderful teachers. He is excited about what this journey will bring next and to explore it with other practitioners, students and teachers.

Holly Lyons

Yoga has been a passion of Holly’s for over 10 years. As a Five times X Games Athlete & World Cup Skateboarding Champion, Hot Yoga has really helped her to heal injuries, learn to be more present in the moment and learn how to focus her energy more powerfully.

Yoga is something she always did for herself and then a couple of years ago she was asked to fill in for a teacher at her nutrition club that couldn't make it. After teaching that day she realized how passionate she was to teach yoga for the rest of her life. In January of 2014, Holly signed up to become a certified yoga teacher. She is so grateful to have completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Hot 8 Yoga, Voted Top Yoga Studio in Los Angeles for multiple years now. She also teaches at both locations in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Giving the gift of yoga to others and such a joy and she says it's a walking meditation for herself. Whenever we give we also receive so much love back. The greatest gift is the transformation of ourselves and yoga is such a powerful way to practice and transform ourselves on a daily basis. One love!

Kellie St. Pierre

Kellie St. Pierre initially found yoga as a supplement to her dance training. Devoted to maintaining a healthy and lasting body she discovered a true passion for yoga, recognizing the balance and tranquility it also provided in her life. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance, a minor in Business Management and a minor in Civic and Community Engagement, Kellie found herself in Chicago, Illinois, where she completed her 200-hour yoga certification through CorePower Yoga.

As both a dance and yoga instructor, she teaches to inspire others to challenge themselves, feel empowered, and most importantly find joy within movement and attention to the body. Yoga provides for Kellie strength, encouragement, discipline, self-respect, and love, and she is blessed to share these benefits and so much more with others. Kellie is excited to be a part of LA’s most beloved Hot8Yoga community!

This hour-long, shoulder-friendly class focuses on strengthening without chaturangas (high to low push-ups). A balanced mix of both our Hot Yoga and Power Yoga styles, HPF will both restore and revitalize your muscles. It includes standing postures, core work, deep hip openers, and inversions. All levels welcome. Heated to 105-109 degrees.

Upcoming classes:

  • Fri Apr 28 6:30 am - 7:30 am with Marja Lankinen
    at Beverly Hills
  • Fri Apr 28 7:00 am - 8:00 am with Janelle Johnson
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Fri Apr 28 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Alexa Palminteri
    at Pasadena
  • Fri Apr 28 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Dev Rice
    at Santa Monica
  • Fri Apr 28 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Daniel McMahon
    at Pasadena
  • Fri Apr 28 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm with Aine Oregan
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Fri Apr 28 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm with Kimberly Driscoll
    at Manhattan Beach
  • Fri Apr 28 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Lisa Canning
    at Beverly Hills
  • Fri Apr 28 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Rachael Bell
    at Pasadena
  • Fri Apr 28 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm with Amanda Dykann
    at Santa Monica
  • Fri Apr 28 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm with Dev Rice
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Sat Apr 29 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Daniel McMahon
    at Pasadena
  • Sat Apr 29 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Amanda Dykann
    at Santa Monica
  • Sat Apr 29 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Marja Lankinen
    at Beverly Hills
  • Sat Apr 29 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Stevie Roberts
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Sat Apr 29 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm with Stephan Schubert
    at Manhattan Beach
  • Sat Apr 29 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm with Daniel McMahon
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Sat Apr 29 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Holly Lyons
    at Beverly Hills
  • Sun Apr 30 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Kellie St. Pierre
    at Santa Monica
  • Sun Apr 30 10:00 am - 11:00 am with Marja Lankinen
    at Beverly Hills