Yoga Barre

This class is taught by:

Christina Garcia

Christina was born and raised in Montgomery, New York. She grew up on a small farm and led a very active lifestyle. Christina started running track and joined the swim team in middle school. Running became meditation for her and she was completely addicted all throughout college. When her knees and ankles became too injured to continue running, Christina turned to yoga for exercise. In no time, yoga became much more than just a work out. After less than a year of practicing, Christina took her first 200 hour yoga teacher training at NP Rock Yoga in New Paltz, NY. This life changing experience led her across the country to deepen her yoga practice in Los Angeles. She started practicing at Hot 8 Yoga daily and completed her yoga sculpt teacher training in March of 2017. Christina’s goal is to spread yoga, mindfulness, and fitness to her students and she teaches a fun, energetic class.

Leigh Wakeford

Leigh Wakeford was born and raised in the beautiful “Mother City” of Cape Town, South Africa. Big dreams, and great aspirations led him to the lights of Broadway, where he has called Manhattan his home for the past 4 years. He thanks the hustle and bustle of New York City for sending him on a journey to find the peace, harmony and balance, that is essential to juggle a career based in uncertainty and a life surrounded by chaos. Yoga was the answer. “On my mat, I could shut out the noisy surroundings of the busy Metropolis, and silence the voices of doubt in my mind. Even if just for an hour a day, I found my solitude, my church.” His inevitable obsession with the Yoga lifestyle lead him to his mentors Stephanie Culen and Mindy Frenkl, under whose guidance Leigh completed his 200 hour RYT certification in December 2010.

Fast-forward to April 2012, Leigh finds himself in the City of Angels, having made a career transition from the stage to the silver screen. Committed to finding his “church” in his new home, enter Hot 8 Yoga, Nancy Norby and a new fitness concept known as “Yoga Barre”. Having been trained in all forms of dance for the past 10 years, this combination of ballet barre technique, yoga and heat opened Leigh’s mind and body to the endless benefits of merging his passion for dance, his primal need for yoga, and fascination with healthy living. An obsession was born. Leigh received his Yoga Barre certification through Hot 8 Yoga in May 2012.

“If you're ready to feel the passion, the heat, the music and the love...come join me. It's about finding balance, inside and out, and whether you're a guy, girl, young, or not so young... let’s embark on this journey together. For if I'm in that place of peace, love and light, in me as you are in yours - then we are ONE. Namaste, friends.“

Robyn Briody

I am a Los Angeles native who has been practicing yoga regularly for years. After a serious injury due to a car accident, it was suggested of me to try hot yoga. I quickly realized that these classes not only had physical benefits, but the mental and spiritual benefits as well. Hot yoga heals me physically and emotionally.

Hot yoga is so much more than just fitness to me, It's a way of life. It allows me to connect to my mind, body, and spirt as well as get a killer work out. My practice continues to guide me to the person I am meant to be. Hot 8 yoga is my home away from home. The community and support continues to inspire me.

Camille Kappelman

Camille found yoga through her passion for dance. Growing up immersed in ballet and modern, she attained her BFA in ballet from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she also discovered a strong practice in both Pilates and Yoga. After two decades of dance training she moved on to dance professionally with companies in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica. Camille moved to Pasadena in 2016 where she found Hot 8 Yoga and established a strong and steady practice. Immersing herself fully into the yoga world changed her outlook on life and brought about heightened passion for teaching. Obtaining her 200hr YTT under the direction of Sarah Helt and Scott Brandon she delved more fully into the world of yoga with an open heart and mind. Fusing her love of dance and yoga together, she strives to create a safe and welcoming space allowing students to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. As a teacher and mentor of dance for over eight years, this new found love and deep exploration of yoga informs and heightens her instruction in both arenas, allowing students to hone their practice and find greater meaning and a greater sense of satisfaction through this demanding and beautiful work.

Ilan Nunez

Originally from Belize, Ilan Nuñez is known for his passion, persistence, and enthusiasm. With a strong background in dance, he infuses his focus on alignment and form into his high energy classes.

Graduating from Point Park University with a BA in Dance and signed with Movement Talent Agency; Ilan has conquered many platforms in his career. Recent credits include: “The Greatest Showman Live Promo”, “WISH APP” and “Cointreau”.

Certified by Hot 8 Yoga, Ilan Nuñez is a believer in the power of a strong community. Soon after starting his practice with Hot 8 Yoga, Ilan quickly worked his way up to Sculpt instructor and is excited for his new journey and the continuation of his practice.

Nicole Moore

Nikki comes from a dance and performance background and is thrilled to be sharing her joy of physical fitness, yoga, and dance through teaching yoga barre. When Nikki is not in yoga barre class, she enjoys flying planes, tango dancing, and training at Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Club. She also works as a psychotherapist in Santa Monica.

GG Smith

Born in the Philippines and raised in San Diego, GG has been involved in fitness and dance since preschool. At 6 years old, she started figure skating and throughout the years excelled as a competitive figure skater. As part of her off-ice training, she was introduced to yoga, pilates, and ballet which became integral aspects of her lifestyle. After passing two senior tests in two different disciplines, she earned her title as a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist and took on coaching figure skating before graduating high school. Shortly after, GG moved to LA to pursue interests of music and cultural dance and continued coaching and off-ice training figure skaters in LA. Searching for something grounding in her new surroundings, GG discovered hot yoga, finding it especially relieving after a long day of work in a cold ice rink. Her love for hot yoga lead her to Hot 8 Yoga where she took and loved all the classes offered. She connected particularly with yoga barre, a class that took her back to her off -ice training days. Deciding to take her coaching skills and her own fitness to another level, GG went through teacher training under Nancy Norby and Briana DeFalco and is certified by Hot 8 Yoga. During teacher training, she experienced quick physical results as well as life changing spiritual and mental growth. GG teaches yoga barre in hopes of uplifting and bringing a positive change to students the way yoga barre does for her.

Briana DeFalco

My fascination for the body and movement began at a very young age when I started my training in New York City at the School of American Ballet to become a professional ballerina. I became reliant on self-discipline and dedication in order to achieve my dreams. Feeling the pressure of such a competitive atmosphere, I turned to yoga in hopes to find a balance. It was then, at the end of my very first yoga practice that the instructor had us chant ‘OM’. In that moment, I could feel my body not only absorbing the yoga but for the first time ever, I felt a sense of inner peace and calm rush throughout my body. After that I was totally hooked, I began practicing hot yoga regularly incorporating it into my everyday routine while I continued to pursue my dance career. After becoming a professional ballerina and dancing with some of the best ballet and contemporary ballet companies in the country, I found myself with multiple injuries. I noticed that the more I immersed myself in my yoga practice, the quicker I was able to heal and regain my strength back from injury. I was really in awe and inspired by the yoga and what it had done for my body that I decided I wanted to deepen my practice.

I moved to California in September 2012 and set a goal to spend an entire year educating myself on the body, injury prevention and my yoga practice. Yearning to nourish my desire to learn more about yoga and how to instruct others, I signed up for the 200-hour Hot Yoga teacher training at Hot 8 Yoga under the guidance of Deanna Ainsworth. I learned yoga was so much more than just a physical practice but the compassion, acceptance and mental focus cultivated in class were powerful tools that would help me in my everyday life. After that I knew I wanted to educate myself further and became certified in my favorite class, Yoga Barre! I signed up for the Yoga Barre teacher training under Nancy Norby. This was an absolute perfect fit for me; harmoniously combining both yoga and dance in a fun yet very challenging class.

The opportunity to teach and share my passion for yoga is one of the most fulfilling opportunities I have endured thus far. I strive to help guide and heal other yogis toward mind, body, and spiritual awareness. I am humbled and honored by the power of yoga and dedicate myself to passing that on.

I'm currently the Yoga Director in Beverly Hills and I'm so excited and grateful to be apart of the community here!

Damara Titmus

Damara is a Los Angeles native who found a love for dance at the early age of seven. She studied ballet for many years under the direction of Patrick Franz, former Premier Danseur of the Paris Opera Ballet, and later graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy under the direction of Jean-Marie Martz.
Her professional career brought her to Denver, Colorado for many years where she learned the importance of cross training to help her body recover from injuries and sustain her most valuable instrument, her body. After experiencing years of pain in her hips, she found Pilates, which helped her to regain her core strength and align her body more symmetrically. When she returned to Los Angeles, she found a way to combine this Pilates knowledge with her knowledge of ballet and began teaching a Lotte Berk inspired Barre workout for Pop Physique in 2015.
Damara was introduced to Hot 8 Yoga through friend and now Pasadena Yoga Director, Devon Riesenbeck. After taking her first Yoga Barre class with instructor Miriam, she was completely hooked. While the movements were all very familiar to her, there was something about the Hot 8 teaching style and vibe that resonated so deeply. She found herself leaving class more fulfilled and happy, letting go of her self-doubts and criticisms (a difficult task for a ballet dancer), not to mention feeling fantastic physically! Damara is excited to share her passion for movement and fitness with all of her students. She strives to provide an environment that is welcoming, safe, and fun. See you in class!

Emily Cummings

Emily is an LA based Yoga and Barre instructor. With a background rooted strongly in her dance training, she likes to get people moving with intention and in connection to the breath. Music plays a huge role in Emily’s classes. She likes to move and flow to the music, and to use it to aid in meditation. Practicing yoga has helped Emily to hold space for herself, cultivate self love, and to create peace in her life. Her mission is to lead others to feel the same. She wants to inspire and challenge her students to develop a conscious, mindful practice that they carry with them off the mat and into their lives.

Devon Riesenbeck

Devon was born in Cincinnati, OH where she first fell in love with ballet at six years old. She spent much of her childhood in and out of ballet classes, eventually studying ballet at a performing arts high school and at the collegiate. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in May of 2016, that fall she set out west to explore dancing in Los Angeles. While in LA, Devon's interest in yoga has continually blossomed since her arrival. As a dancer, she was eager to use yoga to keep her body in top athletic shape, but has learned that yoga provides so much more.Yoga was full of energy, with ability to calm, heal, inspire, motivate, and to break any perceived limitations or usual ideas of yourself. Wanting to share this yoga with everyone is what inspired her to take teacher trainings at Hot8Yoga, completing both a 50hr Barre and 200hr Power certification. While honoring the traditional teachings of yoga, Devon’s style is equal parts fun and hard work while creating a safe space for you to explore your own personal yoga practice. See you in class!

Jon Rivera

Movement is such a humbling journey. It let's us escape, cope, or challenge with the daily obstacles we face. That's why I fell in love with the practice of Yoga. Yoga started out as a way of finding a community to be apart of. Since moving to LA from New York in February 2017 it has become such a monumental part of my life! Coming from a background in dance and still presently dancing, makes having the practice of yoga such a great balance between it all. It gives you a sense of self. The unbelievable amount of growth to be gained by just stepping onto your mat is gratifying! A year later I decided I not only wanted to be apart of the community, but also instill these values into others. So I took part in a Teacher Training to learn more about the practices and hone my skills as a Yoga Instructor. Under the watchful eye of Nancy Norby and Briana DeFalco I was able to develop new skills and sharpen those already in my tool box. Gives me such joy to be apart of the Hot 8 Fam!

Antwan Thomas

Born and raised In Jacksonville, FL, an only child, Antwans love and passion for the arts and athletics produced a super athlete with a flair for the creative. Nationally competing in Gymnastics, Springboard and Platform diving, Cheerleading and Martial Arts, health and fitness have always been a major part of his lifestyle. Having suffered knee and back injuries in his collegiate years, he was later introduced to yoga for rehabilitation. It was an instant connection " My body had never felt so energized and alive. It was a natural high I had never experienced". Working professionally in LA, ATL and MIA as a hip hop dancer/teacher/choreographer he attributes his longevity for both dance and athletics to this yoga practice! Knowing how and what this practice can do for not only your body but your spirit as well, led him to do his first teacher training of Yoga Barre this year with the incredible and incomparable Nancy Norby at Hot8yoga Studios. He is excited to embark on this new journey and chapter in life of teaching and healing lives, while having a GROOVY TIME!

Jessica Cipperly

When Jessica moved to California in 2012, she was searching for something to be a part of. All it took was one barre class at Hot 8 Yoga and she was hooked. It was everything she wanted in a workout and the warmth and kindness of the people in the studio just drew her in more. When the chance to take Nancy's Barre teacher training presented itself, she knew she had to do it. Since then she has also completed the YogaSculpt and YogaVibe trainings as well. Not only has this studio changed her body for the better, it has also changed her soul. She hopes to instill these same positive changes in those she teaches. As an architect by trade, Jessica has a passion for form, function, and beauty. She brings this passion to her classes helping to shape the building blocks of the body with flow, movement, and most of all... fun!
When not in the the studio or designing buildings Jessica can be found backpacking through the mountains or exploring the world, absorbing as much beauty, nature, different cultures and new experiences that she can.

Laura Pawel

Laura is originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. At the young age of 3, she was put into gymnastics classes and immediately a spark for fitness was ignited. By the age of 14, she was commuting into Philadelphia to train in modern dance and ballet where she performed alongside a professional company. Laura graduated cum laude from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee where she received a BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance with an emphasis in Pedagogy. In addition to dance, Laura also has a passion for Circus Arts and trained handbalancing pre-professionally in Boston.
After graduating in 2015, Laura moved to Los Angeles in hopes of discovering where her true path led (and also for the lovely weather of course!) Yoga has always been a part of her life whether it’s been manifested through cross training, mental detoxification, or the need to bring movement to her body that day. From the moment she walked through the doors of Hot 8 Yoga, she knew that she had found her new home. Laura completed her Yoga Barre certification in 2016 under the guidance of Nancy Norby, Deanna Ainsworth, and mentor, Briana DeFalco. She is so thankful to have found a place that resonates so deeply with her personal beliefs.
Through her classes, Laura aims to enlighten, encourage, and connect with each one of her students. She uses her deep passion for music to create playlists that drive the class forward and stimulate her students to persevere. By the end of class, Laura hopes to have instilled within her students a newfound respect for his or her body and just how far you can push yourself. We all hold so much more power than we are aware of.


Candice Kim

Born and raised in LA, I re-discovered yoga after graduating from college in San Diego and returning home to begin working full-time. After years of being on-and-off with my fitness routine, I decided it was time to finally commit to a practice that would inspire and motivate me to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Remembering that yoga had always offered me a space to not only improve my physical well-being, but also to re-center & truly clear my mind - it was only natural that I gravitated towards it as my practice of choice.

I initially came to Hot 8 to take advantage of the free week of classes to motivate myself to get back into yoga, while giving myself the added challenge of practicing in the heat; what I found was something much more special. Hot 8 immediately drew me in with the beautiful & authentic energy that each instructor brought to his or her class, and the sense of community that I found myself walking into every time I stepped onto my mat. Having been a space of growth and transformation for me during a pivotal time in my life, Hot 8 has continued to be my home away from home.

The more I committed to my practice, the more invested and dedicated I became to the idea of moving with intention and integrity. I found myself wanting to deepen my practice further and learn how to guide others to work more mindfully on & off of their mats. Feeling a connection with Yoga Barre in particular, I completed my Yoga Barre certification in 2017 under the incredible guidance and mentorship of Nancy Norby and Briana DeFalco. I am so honored and excited to join the Hot 8 family and hold space with the community in a practice that I love so much. My goal is to provide a space that benefits everyone's intentions: whether that intention is to have a great workout, mental detox, or anything in between; and to encourage the practice of setting an intention for yourself to carry off the mat as well. Look forward to seeing you at the Barre!

Amber Ferraro

Amber has always been actively involved in various sports throughout her entire life. She is a fitness enthusiast at heart. Since moving to California in 2013, she immediately became hooked on Hot 8 Yoga's friendly community and barre class. Three years later, Amber was presented the opportunity to participate in Nancy Norby's barre training and she could not pass it up! Amber is a Florida Atlantic University graduate with a double major, Management and Marketing. When Amber is not in the yoga studio, she is the West Coast District Manager for a fashion icon brand. In her free time, Amber enjoys soaking up the Southern California sunshine at the beach, hiking, biking, running, and enjoying other outdoor activities. Amber's yoga goal is to lead her students through a 60 minute high energy, yet challenging, class that will be gratifying to the student and empower both the body and mind. She believes anyone can accomplish anything they put their mind to through hard work, dedication and passion.

Marie Kazadi

What about me? I am me. I am a passionate individual with undertones of adventure. I teach fitness, yo! My whole life has been a collection of events that have shaped me into the person I am today, without which I would not recognize the strength and wisdom that I already posses. The statistics of my career in fitness started with getting certified to teach yoga in the summer of 2011. Since then I have received 2 more yoga certifications, trained in shadow boxing technique and bag work, designed my own Bootcamps, and have also led other students into teaching! I am also a personal trainer and a successful leader of group fitness classes with an emphasis on empowerment, alignment, and good energy.

My current adventure is studying Kinesiology at A.T. Still University to increase my knowledge as a fitness professional! My mission being, to encourage a lifestyle of aligned thinking and doing to a diverse clientele to change the mindset and bodies of those who wish to optimize their lives through leadership, continued education, and support in a safe and welcoming environment. This will be achieved within the confines of integrity and the standards set forth by the field of Kinesiology.

This class is a dynamic fusion of barre work, light weights, non-impact cardio and yoga designed for developing long and lean muscles. By activating small muscles groups this class provides cross training and aids in injury prevention and recovery. Yoga Barre is a high energy class and is excellent for anyone looking to tone legs, booty, core, and arms to upbeat music. 🔥 🔥 🔥

Upcoming classes:

  • Tue Oct 16 6:30 am - 7:30 am with Christina Garcia
    at Manhattan Beach
  • Tue Oct 16 8:00 am - 9:00 am with Leigh Wakeford
    at Santa Monica
  • Tue Oct 16 8:00 am - 9:00 am with Robyn Briody
    at Beverly Hills
  • Tue Oct 16 8:30 am - 9:30 am with Camille Kappelman
    at Pasadena
  • Tue Oct 16 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Ilan Nunez
    at Koreatown
  • Tue Oct 16 9:30 am - 10:30 am with Nicole Moore
    at Beverly Hills
  • Tue Oct 16 10:30 am - 11:30 am with Jennifer Kim
    at Santa Monica
  • Tue Oct 16 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with GG Smith
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Tue Oct 16 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm with Briana DeFalco
    at Beverly Hills
  • Tue Oct 16 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm with Damara Titmus
    at Pasadena
  • Tue Oct 16 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm with Emily Cummings
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Tue Oct 16 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Devon Riesenbeck
    at Pasadena
  • Tue Oct 16 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Jon Rivera
    at Beverly Hills
  • Tue Oct 16 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Antwan Thomas
    at Koreatown
  • Tue Oct 16 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm with Jessica Cipperly
    at Santa Monica
  • Tue Oct 16 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm with Laura Pawel
    at Sherman Oaks
  • Tue Oct 16 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm with Candice Kim
    at Beverly Hills
  • Tue Oct 16 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm with Amber Ferraro
    at Manhattan Beach
  • Tue Oct 16 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm with Devan Medrano
    at Koreatown
  • Wed Oct 17 6:00 am - 7:00 am with Marie Kazadi
    at Sherman Oaks