Hot Yoga Community Class $8

This class is taught by:

Hot Yoga Teacher Graduates

Join our Hot Yoga Graduates from teacher training. We are thrilled to have them teach community classes. Thank you for your support,by taking their class, to assist them to put into action all that they learned.

Orlee Klempner

Movement in the body has been an essential part of Orlee’s life for over 10 years now.

Orlee combines the art of fluidity in movement of dance and yoga with strength in aerial acrobats every day in her 10 years of experience. Starting with a yoga practice in her early teenage years, she found empowerment in flow movement of the body.

Orlee’s teaching career began with where she ran a program to guide tween girls in to womanhood with a sense of self-worthiness. She found that teaching faith in physical strength through expression of movement really resonates with her, beginning by teaching Pole Fitness in 2012 at Nicole Williams’ studio, Allure Dance & Fitness. Performing and leading dance numbers in several studio shows, Orlee became well known for creating and teaching unique classes.

Taking the leap of faith to pursue her calling, Orlee trained with Nancy Norby and Deanna Ainsworth at Hot 8 Yoga and now holds certifications in Barre and Yoga Sculpt. Additionally she holds a certification in 200hr YTT at Red Diamond Yoga with Liz Arch and is an ambassador of All You Can Yoga.

Orlee offers a strong yet flexible challenge for your mind and body in every class.

Scott Brandon

Scott's mission is to create a space to inspire a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Under the wonderful guidance of Brit Middleton, Scott went through the 200 hour teacher training program at Hot 8 Yoga in 2013. His teaching style is both challenging and uplifting at the same time.  Whether you are brand new to yoga or are a seasoned yogi, Scott loves to connect and create a space where your practice can continue to grow.         

Rachel Eden

From a young age Rachel has always been interested in movement. As a child she was a gymnast, preferring to cartwheel instead of walk. When a shoulder injury took her out of the gymnastics world she turned to what seemed to be the next logical step, dance. Trained in all technical styles, she competed and performed in contemporary and modern dance until the age of 18. During high school she was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga through a dance teacher and found the combination of movement, breath, and spirituality exhilarating and challenging.

While studying at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, she used yoga as a way to relieve stress and stay fit. After graduating from college Rachel worked in brand marketing for five years. During that time she felt as though something was missing and was always happiest on her mat. After some soul-searching she decided it was time to leave the corporate world, take the plunge and re-dedicate her life to movement. Rachel’s classes are accessible to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. Expect to sweat, breathe, and move to some good tunes!

Daniel McMahon

Dan began practicing hot yoga in Chicago five years ago to address issues with anxiety and get in better physical shape. He found yoga to be much more effective than any medical intervention and gradually began practicing more frequently. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Dan discovered Hot 8, taking advantage of the opportunity to expand his practice into many different styles. In the Spring of 2016 he completed the 200 hour hot yoga teacher training under Deanna Ainsworth in Santa Monica and is excited to be a part of the Hot 8 community. Dan believes in maintaining a beginners mind and treating yoga practice as a lifelong journey. He also sees yoga as the perfect compliment to his other passion, music.

Shazi Usman

A native of Honolulu, Hawai’i, Shazi Usman has always been a free spirit with a passion for exploring movement, meditation, and consciousness. Shazi first discovered Yoga as a child while visiting his family in India. His first Hot Yoga class awoke a deep, intuitive knowing that this ancient science could heal his injuries from years of running marathons and training to become a professional tennis player. Through a daily Hot Yoga practice, mindful eating, energy work, and Zen and Sufi practices, Shazi has completely healed from those injuries and embraced a life of vitality.

Shazi has trained with Conrad Gacki, Brad Koontz, and Sam Usman, and he completed his 200-hour Yoga teacher training with Deanna Ainsworth at Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica, California. Shazi offers a grounded, fun, and strengthening class to deepen the mind-body-spirit connection and elicit joy. ॐ

“Hatha Yoga teaches us to use the body as the bow, asana as the arrow, and the soul as the target.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Lisa Canning

I first tried yoga in 2005 on orders from a physical therapist to help heal a severe knee injury. I thought it would be boring. My first lesson from yoga: don’t believe everything you think.

When practicing the 26 poses in Hot Yoga, I am challenged every time to be courageous, risk, and even enjoy the victories, for example, going years without being able to double wrap my legs, then one day, suddenly, quietly, my legs are wrapped.

My job in the room is simply to guide. Yes, we are there to learn and support each other, but the practice is yours alone.

I have an eclectic background, including a career in the radio broadcasting industry, mostly due to my passion for music. Travel is one of my favorite things, as I am always humbled and inspired by the “less is more” way so many cultures find happiness.

Hot Yoga $8 Community class taught by our Hot Yoga Teacher Training Graduates. 
 This 90 minute class of 26 static postures systematically works every muscle, gland, and organ in the body. Hot Yoga is an excellent foundation to learn proper alignment and develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. All levels. 90 minutes; temp 105-109
**Must purchase the $8 Community class at the studio. It is not available online. All who have 10 class packages will need to purchase the $8 class separately from your current package. Those with memberships and yearly contracts, this class will be deducted from your current membership.