Power 1 Community Class $8

This class is taught by:

Maya Gorodetsky

As a young girl I dabbled in almost everything; swim teams, tennis, and gymnastics, but dancing was the only thing that stuck. For about 10 years of my childhood I was a competitive latin ballroom dancer. When I am posed the question of how I found yoga, I always come to the conclusion that yoga found me! I started truly practicing at the age of 16 and have not let it go since. For a teenage girl it provided me so much more than just a physical practice. To me yoga was my therapist, my coach, and my friend. I now find one of my hobbies being to educate and spread enlightenment on what yoga truly is and the endless benefits of the practice.Through yoga I found myself and a beautiful community. My classes will push you and test your strength physically and mentally. At the same time my classes are energetic and fun. Come make this practice your own and get your sweat on!

Noemy Moreno

I came to Yoga simply to add another form of exercise into my life. Fall of 2016 was when I stepped into Hot 8 Yoga. I quickly fell in love with the practice and the community. My mat soon became "My Happy Place" I was really challenged physically but so much growth occurred mentally and spiritually. Months later, I felt an innate desire to give back which is what I felt almost a decade ago when I became a Nurse. I didnt want to wait any longer and was eager and passionate to start to teach. I received my 200 hour Power Yoga certification from HOT 8 in 2018. Yoga is the best gift I can give and I am honored and want to create a safe, fun, judgement free space for my students to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Maks Akter

"The path of yoga is the path of self-discovery"- Amrit Desai. No matter where we come from or what we do, yoga is there to firmly ground us and help with this journey to our inner true self. I've been raised in LA for almost all my life and can understand how our sense of self can get a little foggy. Yoga has been helping me slowly peel through my layers and gain a stronger sense of self. I want to share and hope to inspire along the way as I go through this journey.

Alexis Totaro (Teacher)

Alexis’ name in Greek means helper. Ever since she was young she loved to help people. Strangers, family, or friends, she always walks into a room with a smile, wanting to brighten anyone and everyone’s day. At a young age of 3, she started taking gymnastics classes and a flash of love for fitness began. Starting in 2010, she was on a competitive cheerleading team for seven years which was the end to her intense 6x a week workout. She was first introduced to yoga when she was in high school. In 2018 she attended her first Yoga Teacher Training at Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks, CA. Alexis works with students of all ages, willing to help and bring peace to their hearts. With a strong fitness past, Alexis has found her love and balance with teaching and practicing Power 1! She may be young, but when grounded is ageless. With her bubbly and motivating personality, students find more encouragement during their practice. Shining her heart to the universe, you’ll leave her class feeling clear-minded and refreshed.

Jade Lewis

I was always a fan of fitness (I tried everything from CrossFit to Orange Theory to Pilates) but never understood the power & significance of connecting the body and mind until I discovered yoga. Although I had been practicing for many years, Hot8 was the first hot studio I ever tried and I was in love immediately! I was ready to sign up for membership before my free week was even over!! I discovered a true acceptance and love on my mat that compelled me to become a teacher and to pay that forward. With my practice becoming my therapy, the non-judgement and total acceptance that I have felt every time I stepped onto my mat was how I became stronger and more capable leading me through many moments of healing. This is something I want all to feel when they step into my class. My only goal is to guide students through their asana with love and acceptance so they can have the space to experience their own breakthroughs on the mat. This ever evolving practice is so special because you will never stop learning or growing. I have a deep love of yoga because it allows me to teach and to be the student simultaneously.

Ericka Hammond

Ericka discovered therapy through physical movement and community as a small town high school athlete. Track, soccer, and basketball were a way for her to get out of her anxious teenage head into her body and close to her friends. Realizing that exercise and human connection were necessities for peace and clarity lead her to her first yoga class in 2008 but it was not love at first down-dog. Luckily the challenge kept her coming her back to her mat and then one afternoon in savasana it all clicked and it was kismet. Yoga quickly became her passion and vehicle for self exploration.

She moved from Nashville to Los Angeles and started her teaching journey at Liberation Yoga where she completed her first 200-hr training in the summer of 2015 under Christine Burke. Ericka is also a certified master III Mikao Usui Reiki practitioner under Reiki Master Aimee Bello and holds a bachelors in Communications. She is a forever student, always grateful for the next lesson and her many teachers- especially her guru fur baby Florence. Her approach to teaching is down to earth and light hearted with a focus on breath and alignment. Ericka seeks to create a space for her students to open up and become more of who they already are.

Power 1 Yoga $8 Community class taught by recent graduates!
A Vinyasa-style flow class designed for beginners to learn proper alignment and breath. It is a whole body strengthening practice that includes Sun Salutations, standing postures, simple arm balances, core strengthening, back bends, hip openers, and basic inversions. This class is excellent for those new to yoga as well as those with injuries to learn modifications; temp 100-105
**Must purchase the $8 Community class at the studio. It is not available online.
All who have a 10 class package will need to purchase the $8 class separately from your current package. Those with memberships and yearly contracts, this class will be deducted from your current membership.

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