Francesca A

Born to an English mother and a Ghanaian father, Francesca discovered her spirituality at a very young age. Her journey started in the U.K., where she turned the “can nots” and “do nots” into self-realization and enlightenment—helped greatly by her “magicians”: the authors G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky.

Francesca’s growth continued exponentially through yoga, which she has practiced for the past 15 years. Though her yogic experience has brought her incredible joy and unspeakable sorrow, she will be the first to tell you: You can’t heal without suffering—the heart must be broken open.

This embracing of the light and the dark gives Francesca a unique perspective on yoga—and life in general. Her classes are more often communal celebrations: pupils feel as though they have been existentially altered as they “dance with the ancients” through the 26 + 2 series. Francesca encourages her students to be their own guru—and connect with their own inner observer. She adheres faithfully to the lineage, but infuses her own brand of nurturing and empathy. And though she is a master of this singular blend, Francesca herself will say that she is still more student than teacher, always thirsting for insight.

In addition to her popular 90-minute hot yoga classes, Francesca has brought back the original 84 postures—taught by the high lord Shiva—to Los Angeles via her 2-hour, Sunday afternoon Advanced Hot Yoga class.

Francesca is truly one with the divine. She is a being made of light, her body is made of stardust—and she is LOVED: by her students, her colleagues, and especially by her two beautiful children.
The Hot8 Yoga Community is most grateful for her wisdom and knowledge.

Francesca A instructs the following:
  • Hot Yoga
  • This 90 minute class includes a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Hot Yoga begins with pranayama deep breathing to oxygenate and energize the body. The Hot Yoga series will systematically massage and stimulate every muscle, gland, and organ. Each posture prepares the body for the next, allowing students to gain strength, flexibility, and balance. Hot Yoga is an excellent foundation for learning proper alignment and developing the concentration needed for meditation. Heated to 105-110 degrees.

  • Advanced Hot Yoga Series
  • Advanced Hot Yoga is a study of the original 84 postures done in 120 minutes to energetically open and strengthen the body. This class is led by a teacher doing the postures and there is little dialogue. It is encouraged to have a strong understanding of the 26 posture series in order to attend this class and be invited by the main teacher. This sequence includes the 26 postures from the 90 minute Hot Yoga class at a faster pace and there are no long holds or as many savasanas. You are encouraged to go to your edge and hold stillness.

    Advanced series includes: Sun salutations, Multiple postures in lotus position(must be able to do lotus), Splits, Arm balances , Shoulderstand, Deep backbends (Full Camel, Full Bow, Wheel), Headstands, Forearm Balance, and Handstands.

    ** The 26 postures in the 90 minute Hot Yoga class are derived from the advanced series. Not recommended for anyone with injuries. Strongly recommended to have practiced the beginning series at least 6 months.