Briana T

Like many yogis before her, Briana Tutko found yoga young and stayed with it. She’s been practicing since before should could legally get behind a wheel and started teaching right after she got her driver’s license. Yoga’s unique combination of meditation and cathartic release kept her sane throughout her transition from Arizona’s ruby deserts to California’s golden shores. She’s since taught at universities, country clubs and studios in both states. Trained for 200 hours in vinyasa, bikram, sculpt, and hot yoga. Briana’s also facilitated classes abroad. She has recently taught in Thailand with Indonesia as a next destination. Briana genuinely believes that yoga is a transformative element for those who incorporate it into their lives — not simply as something we do or someone we are, but in participating in a more collective consciousness. She feels that yoga allows for more wholesome interactions with those around us, despite living in a fragmented world.

Briana T instructs the following:
  • Hot Power Fusion
  • This hour-long, shoulder-friendly class focuses on strengthening without chaturangas (high to low push-ups). A balanced mix of both our Hot Yoga and Power Yoga styles, HPF will both restore and revitalize your muscles. It includes standing postures, core work, deep hip openers, and inversions. All levels welcome. Heated to 105-109 degrees.