Chirayu T

Chirayu Thakkar, BNYS

Chirayu was born and raised in India. He completed his Medical Degree in Holistic

Medicine and Yoga Science from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

(RGUHS), Bangalore, India. RGUHS provides one-of-a-kind, rigorous 5 years Medical

program(equivalent to 5 ½ in US) that encompasses basic and modern medical subjects

from Anatomy to Gynecology, from Community Medicine to Modern Diagnosis; plus an

arena of Alternative Practices including but not limited to Naturopathic Medicine, Yoga

Therapy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Therapeutic Massage, Hydrotherapy, Fasting Therapy,

Physical Therapy. He graduated in 2006.

Not long before he started his Clinical Practice in his hometown, he got picked by a

MNC to work in Corporate Health in Tripoli, Libya. His focus was stress management

and RTIs. His next assignment in 2008 brought him to Cairo, Egypt where he was

appointed In-charge of physical and mental training of National Military Target Shooting

Team. His focus here was sports injuries, sports enhancement techniques and mind

management. After over a year with the Defense Ministry of Egypt, he shifted to private

practice in Cairo with emphasis on Therapeutics of Yoga, Acupuncture and Lifestyle

Management. His students/patients ranged from adolescents to the very elderly (the

oldest being 87 years). His maximum time was spent imparting health knowledge to

patients/students 60 years and over (reference on video and in text available). The key

issues he dealt with were Lifestyle diseases - aches and pains, back issues, arthritis,

obesity, asthma, hypertension, depression, plus post-op rehabilitation and the likes.

On a more general level his old school style yoga classes were very popular with younger


This very pattern of his work often made him travel to Tunisia, Istanbul and India.

He has now settled in Los Angeles, CA and is pursuing his personal and professional

goals. Apart from developing his private practice, currently he is associated with a

Physical Therapy Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA.


Chirayu’s approach is very old school, very basic yet refined to fit today’s time. He

keeps in-depth knowledge of body-mind-spirit complex and emphasizes on seeing the

person as a ‘whole’ being. He incorporates various aspects of Yoga Therapy to custom

make sessions for individuals and groups. Breath work and Meditation are an integral

part of his practice. His sessions are modified to suit all levels of practitioners from pure

beginners to advanced.

General Benefits of All Types of Yoga

Specific postures will offer very specific benefits, but in general an ongoing practice of

any type of yoga can improve your experience in many ways...


Better organ performance, oxygenation of tissues, strengthening of muscles, alignment of

skeletal structure, strengthening of immune system, stretching of muscles and fascia


Clarity of thinking, witnessing of thoughts in order to respond vs. react, efficiency in

problem solving, balance in left (local thinking) and right (global thinking) hemispheres

of the brain(mind)


Ability to be more patient with self and others, easier recognition and acceptance of

feelings, less intensity of emotions and tendency to ‘buy-in’ to them, feeling at ease/at

peace with yourself and the world around you, feeling that all is well and obstacles are

not insurmountable, increase in confidence and self-esteem


Feeling centered, ability to shift into the perspective of being one with all, developing

extra-sensory awareness, trusting that you are more than your physical being

(appearance, accomplishments, things, social status, etc.)

Chirayu T is currently not instructing any classes.