Eben O

The world is moving. There is a current. There is a direction. Dear friend, we all feel this dance. It is our path pulling us, but to where? I believe to spirit. I believe to self. But the road is long and it is filled with lessons. Sometimes the lessons bite and we suffer. But in that we grow. On the way we meet our forgotten comrades. We learn to see each other again and in that we learn to see ourselves. They teach us. We teach them. We walk together and then go our separate ways, trusting when the time is right our paths will again surely cross. Eventually we learn to trust the path itself, despite its pits and its thorns. Through our cuts and bruises we begin to understand. To understand is to love, be with this and the current slows. We will MOVE with this current, BREATHE into this current, and SIT as this current.
My perpetual curiosity towards self and world lead me to yoga during graduate school. After my 200 hour TT I realized the doors to this enchanting practice had only hardly opened. Since then I've been slowly opening this extraordinary door through an acute study of self and an exploration of multiple yogic traditions and philosophies.

Eben O is currently not instructing any classes.