Lisa C

I first tried yoga in 2005 on orders from a physical therapist to help heal a severe knee injury. I thought it would be boring. My first lesson from yoga: don’t believe everything you think.

When practicing the 26 poses in Hot Yoga, I am challenged every time to be courageous, risk, and even enjoy the victories, for example, going years without being able to double wrap my legs, then one day, suddenly, quietly, my legs are wrapped.

My job in the room is simply to guide. Yes, we are there to learn and support each other, but the practice is yours alone.

I have an eclectic background, including a career in the radio broadcasting industry, mostly due to my passion for music. Travel is one of my favorite things, as I am always humbled and inspired by the “less is more” way so many cultures find happiness.

Lisa C instructs the following:
  • Hot Yoga-1 hour
  • Foundational class of 26 static postures balancing every system of the body with 2 sets of the standing series and 1 set of the floor series. Beginner to intermediate levels. Heated to 105-109 degrees.

  • Hot Yoga Community Class $8
  • Hot Yoga $8 Community class taught by our Hot Yoga Teacher Training Graduates. 
     This 90 minute class of 26 static postures systematically works every muscle, gland, and organ in the body. Hot Yoga is an excellent foundation to learn proper alignment and develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. All levels. 90 minutes; temp 105-109
    **Must purchase the $8 Community class at the studio. It is not available online. All who have 10 class packages will need to purchase the $8 class separately from your current package. Those with memberships and yearly contracts, this class will be deducted from your current membership.