Raegan L

Raegan Loston stumbled upon breath work meditation at a time in her life when she was just going through the motions. Life was good. Work was good. Family was good. Friends were good. Despite the feeling of gratitude surrounding this perpetual state of “goodness” there was a nagging feeling within the pit of her soul that said, “life was meant to be GREAT.” This realization left Raegan feeling stuck. If in this lifetime there was greatness to be had, she wanted a piece of it.
Raegan found her way to her first Breathing Meditation class taught by Marlize Joubert at Hot 8 Yoga, Beverly Hills. Her first experience with breath work left Raegan feeling that opportunities for greatness were in fact endless. The breath moved energy into the places in her body and mind where she felt stuck. The work helped her heal areas in her life that needed healing so she could move forward. After a few classes Raegan was convinced that she had found a practice where she could begin to shift the trajectory of her “good” life into one that was “great.
After years of practicing breath work on an individual level, Raegan was encouraged to further her practice and began training with author, teacher, healer, and breathwork facilitator David Elliott. Having completed David’s Healer Training Program Raegan is ready to hold space for you so you may heal old wounds, move stuck energy, and connect with your most authentic self using the power of your breath.

Raegan L is currently not instructing any classes.