Ahmed E

Ahmed developed his love and passion for yoga while on a reconnecting with his roots trip in Cairo, Egypt. It was the strong physical practice that first attracted him to yoga; yet it was amidst the noise and chaos of Cairo where Ahmed fell in love with yoga as each guiding breath helped center him and calm his mind.

He had tried yoga a few times before while living in Boston but it didn't seem to fit into his active lifestyle filled with basketball, tennis, football and golf. Over time that active lifestyle resulted in some nagging injuries like tennis elbow and an inflamed Achilles tendon. Ahmed discovered that his yoga practice doubled as physical therapy and helped speed his recovery. The flexibility and strength gains helped reduce injuries as he worked sports back into his daily life in Los Angeles.

Ahmed teaches Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga with an emphasis on alignment. In his Power Yoga class you'll build strength, improve your balance, focus and flexibility while having a few laughs along the way.

Ahmed's classes are open to all levels, including beginners, athletes and anyone who is curious about yoga.

Ahmed E is currently not instructing any classes.