Kaitlin L

Kait Livezey, a Philadelphia native, began her yoga practice at a young age through the influence of her older sister. Learning the asanas in her youth, she developed a strong foundation and passion for yoga. During her studies at Temple University, Kait found peace and serenity in her yoga practice and began to understand the connection and bond between teacher and student. However, it wasn’t until years later while she was living abroad in Bali, Indonesia that her path to guide others in their practice was realized. Upon her return to the States, Kait learned of Hot 8 Yoga and was immediately enamored with the community. In the spring of 2016 she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Hot 8. A natural born leader, motivator and enthusiast, it is Kait’s foremost intention to instill positivity, light and love in the lives of others.

Kaitlin L is currently not instructing any classes.