Jolie S

My first yoga class was over a decade ago during my college days. It was a Bikram class and I was instantly hooked. After starting a family and being a dedicated practitioner for 13 years, I decided to become a yoga teacher. I completed my Teacher Training with Hot 8 Yoga and my Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga certification with Ma Yoga.
When I was a newer practitioner, yoga, for me, was about the postures. It took many frustrating years to understand that yoga is more than just deep backbends and holding my Warrior 2 forever. I was missing the spiritual aspect. Finally, I began to weave my mind, heart, and breath together on the mat. Suddenly my practice and life changed because I found compassion, peace, and patience within myself.
Each day is new and different when I come to the mat, but I always try to instill the same principles. As a teacher, I hope to weave in yoga philosophy, meditation, and help students realize there is more to yoga than just the postures.

Jolie S is currently not instructing any classes.