Nicole N

Wisoncon native (GO PACK GO), Nicole has a passion for yogic living, getting lost in nature, art history and museums, traveling anywhere and (surprisingly enough) social media and its roll in our society today.
After taking her first real yoga class in 2013, Nicole quickly fell in love with the practice and knew that yoga would integrate into her life forever. In 2016, Nicole was swept up in a whirlwind of back-to-back training starting with Fusion, then completing her 200-hour certification in Power 1 and quickly moving on to Yin.

"Yoga is a practice of self-realization that keeps me grounded and present."

Realizing that the typical 9-5 can be hard on the body and mind, Nicole left her career in Hospitality and dove head first into the fitness world only to find her place in the Yoga Community of sunny Sothern California.

Now, Nicole has committed her life to understanding the technologies of Yogic living in the modern world. Focusing her high-energy and positive personality into teaching Fusion and Yin at Hot 8, she inspires us to use the power of our own breathe to stay present and not take this reality too seriously.

Nicole N is currently not instructing any classes.