Jane J

Formerly a competitive dancer with a background in theater, Jane Johnsen was first introduced to yoga through the dance community and was hooked after her first savasana *Nap time, yes please!*

After a decade of practicing yoga in the heat as a means to escape the frigid winters in Chicago, she finally bought a one-way ticket to the west coast to follow her acting dreams. Once in LA, Jane quickly discovered the strong, inviting community at Hot8. Three years later, she decided to take her practice to the next level and began to share her love of yoga with the community as a teacher.

Jane creates an experience of discovery in each of her classes, with her signature comedienne humor and curated soundtracks making each challenge FUN. Whether you leave with a new favorite song, a new workout plan, or a new mindset, one thing is for sure; you’ll walk out of the studio feeling amazing from the inside, out!

Jane J instructs the following:
  • Sculpt
  • This breath to movement class that combines free weights with yoga and cardio to increase stamina and strength. Sculpt is a total body workout designed to sculpt and define every major muscle group. This class is high energy with upbeat music.