Jade L

I was always a fan of fitness (I tried everything from CrossFit to Orange Theory to Pilates) but never understood the power & significance of connecting the body and mind until I discovered yoga. Although I had been practicing for many years, Hot8 was the first hot studio I ever tried and I was in love immediately! I was ready to sign up for membership before my free week was even over!! I discovered a true acceptance and love on my mat that compelled me to become a teacher and to pay that forward. With my practice becoming my therapy, the non-judgement and total acceptance that I have felt every time I stepped onto my mat was how I became stronger and more capable leading me through many moments of healing. This is something I want all to feel when they step into my class. My only goal is to guide students through their asana with love and acceptance so they can have the space to experience their own breakthroughs on the mat. This ever evolving practice is so special because you will never stop learning or growing. I have a deep love of yoga because it allows me to teach and to be the student simultaneously.

Jade L is currently not instructing any classes.