Victoria N

Originally I am from Kenya. I grew up where yoga was not a familiar word let alone a familiar practice. Before finding yoga I had a very surreal perception—that yoga was some sort of “cult or religion”. Little did I know that it was the one thing that would change my ultimate view on religious beliefs and and define spirituality in practical terms.

Since my first class in 2011, time and time again I showed up on my mat willing to learn and open to discovering what yoga is about. Sincerely speaking, words alone can not describe the experiences that I have had and I continue to have.

After 7 years of practicing I was compelled to teach, to share my passion and hopefully show others how to unlock their own divinity caged within if and only if we are willing to unlock the door.

To say the least, I am forever a student. To share my knowledge on how to approach the poses and to be used as a vessel to pass wisdom is a profound blessing that serves a purpose. Yoga gives me purpose that I had to discover through practicing consistently with an open mind and an open heart.

I inspire you to continue coming to class, I invite you to class and if you have never done yoga I challenge you to take just one class. We anticipate your arrival.

Victoria N instructs the following:
  • 26 & 2
  • This 90 minute set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Class is composed of a standing series followed by a floor series where each posture is done twice. Through discipline and structure, 26 & 2 allows students to gain strength, flexibility and balance. Conducted without music, 26 & 2 assists in developing the concentration needed for meditation and proper alignment.