Eden M

Eden was hooked on yoga after signing up for a free week of yoga at Hot 8 Sherman Oaks in September of 2017. It was exactly what she was looking for at the time, just moving to Los Angeles from San Luis Obispo a year earlier. The physical challenge invigorated her body and grew her strength, but the added mental, spiritual practice and awareness she was cultivating on her mat was a beautiful surprise that kept her coming back.

After practicing at Hot 8 Yoga for several months, Eden was approached by Yoga Director Rachel Eden who invited her to join an upcoming Power Yoga Teacher Training in Sherman Oaks. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of teaching yoga, she took the plunge and started the training in January 2018.

The 200-hour teacher training changed her life. She grew in the depths of her own personal practice, gained knowledge of the history of yoga and came out the other side with a passion to teach. Something she wasn’t anticipating at all. It also provided her with a new and unexpected career path.

Now she is beginning her teaching journey as a part of the Hot 8 Yoga community. She is inspired to teach new yogis the asanas, breath to movement and help cultivate the mind/body connection in her students so they can take what they learn in class and use it in their daily lives. Eden is passionate about sharing what yoga has brought to her life and committed to deepening her knowledge and personal practice. Her goal is to provide a fun, energetic and mindful space to practice for her students to grow.

Eden M is currently not instructing any classes.