Jordan J

Jordan was born and raised being active. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles to pursue a professional dancing career, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. That road block is what made her turn to yoga. After swearing up and down for years that she would never become a 'yogi,' she found herself slowly loving it day by day. Sculpt is her passion as she grew up in the weightroom for high school and loves HIIT workouts, cooperating yoga with weights is her favorite.

She has taught dance for over 7 years, and loves the role of a teacher. She has seen yoga transform the lives of friends, family, and her dancers and wants to tap her students into positivity and the spiritual world. Come take for a sweat, smile, and maybe a couple dance moves

Jordan J instructs the following:
  • Sculpt Community Class $8
  • A Vinyasa-style flow class with added free weights for increased muscle endurance. This power up session is designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster to deepen your practice. Strength training builds lean muscle mass and boosts metabolism even while resting. Intermediate level class-weights are always optional; temp 104-107