What is Yoga?

How does one accurately, ethically and sensitively capture a phenomenon that stretches tens of thousands of years into the past, a phenomenon that has engaged and been changed by people across cultures and continents, a phenomenon that is practiced in innumerable ways to this very day?  Read More

The active couple - Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez - also enjoy a more meditative workout, frequently popping in to one of Hot 8 Yoga’s LA locations.

“They are both very focused on their practice during class,” an observer said.

Lopez, known for her dancing, is quick to pick up on the bendy positions, while Rodriguez is still trying to keep up with her.

“He’s an athlete, so he knows his body well, but you can tell he’s really working on his flexibility,” the observer added.


What's Up With These Floors?

What’s up with these floors?

Some of you may wonder what the deal is with these ramen noodle floors at Hot 8 Yoga studios. Here is a breakdown of how our state-of-the-art flooring is perfect for your hot yoga needs:

Antibacterial: Micro-Chek® anti-bacterial guard prevents growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteria

Non-absorbent: our flooring is constructed of soft plastic so it won’t absorb sweat or water

Quick evaporation: the porous design increases surface area of moisture, allowing for quick evaporation and fast drying

Textured surface: reduces slippage under wet conditions for your safety

Comfort: soft plastic construction provides comfort for barefoot traffic

Now you know! Come sweat it out with us knowing you’re practicing on the cleanest, safest, and most comfortable yoga flooring.

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Hot 8 Yoga is devoted to offering the best yoga experience possible. We have unique eco-friendly designed rooms with state of the art climate control, spacious locker rooms complete with showers, and plenty of free parking.


THERE’S CERTAINLY no shortage of amazing yoga studios in L.A. — the capital of wellness nation — but finding “the one” (like, the one you want to visit daily and spend the rest of your life with) is a mission that calls for some expert guidance. Local yogi and superfood goddess, Sophie Jaffe, is giving us a tour of her favorites around town. Discover some of the best yoga studios in LA below…


Foundations at A Studio Near You!

I'm Eddy, and I teach Foundations in Pasadena! 

Coming to a foundations workshop at Hot 8 is a great way to deepen one's understanding of the practice in a safe, non-heated room, where most of the time is spent breaking down the philosophy behind the poses (asanas). 

Learning about Patanjali and his sutras, which is what all of yoga is based on is, will help the student realize that this practice that is taking the west by storm now has actually been studied for over 5000 years in the East.

Breaking down "The Eight Limbed Yogic Path", which is where the 8 in Hot8 comes from, helps establish a linear time line to Samadhi (enlightenment).

Once we get through the Yamas and Niyamas, one will have a better understanding on how to take this practice of yoga off of one's mat and into the real world where all the philosophy can have a profound effect on the way one decides to interact with life's obstacles or lack thereof.

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Here's The Big Fuss About Crystals

Hot 8 Yoga sells crystals, offers crystal workshops and lots of teachers and students alike enjoy using them.

Here are some helpful tips and reasons why people are getting on board with Crystals. 

Crystals are conduits for healing (to make sound, whole and healthy). They:

1. Facilitate and balance energy flow by moving stagnate energies, calming over rapid energies, focusing or diffusing energies

2. Transmit, absorb, and release particular energies to/from the body

3. Help release physical, mental, and emotional blockages

4. Alleviate physical pain, help clear up ailments, and calm the mind and nervous system.

5 Reasons You Should Take A Sound Bath Class

Yin yoga is different than others styles of yoga because it is a bit more passive and focuses on the health of our connective tissues and joints. The nature of Yin is slow-paced, and sometimes restorative, which allows insight into how energy moves throughout our body. Practicing Yin helps to open energy channels, lessening stagnation and irregularities of our natural bodily functions. 

I personally think the practice is underrated and sometimes overlooked, but also essential to balance all of the yang-style exercises we're so used to. Yin not only helps to tone and strengthen the fascial webbing that supports healthy movement, but also brings vitality back to our biological functions. 

The only thing that could possibly make Yin anymore delicious is the mindful incorporation of Sound Healing: the ancient art of using vibration to shift the body's frequency into a state of optimal health. 
Never been to a sound bath? I asked musician Jeff, who plays the gong and crystal bowl for Hot 8 Yoga Yin and Sound Bath, to provide a bit more insight on the healing properties of sound and why we include it in our Yin practice at Hot 8.

1. Why attend a sound bath? Jeff: The vibrations that are created can do things for your body and your chakras that, not necessarily a yoga class won't help to work through, but that's a different way of working through blockages in energy, in motion or physical ability.

2. What are some of the benefits of a sound bath? Jeff: A sound bath can help to promote deep relaxation. The vibrations that I create in a sound bath can enter the body and move energy around. Sound frequencies can heal your body at the cellular level, redirecting the life force in the body, bringing a sense of ease and calmness.

3. Do you find that you're able to release more during a sound bath? Jeff: I don't know that you release more than you would from a physical practice, but it's a different kind of release. The vibration of sound can help to release emotionally and physically, but when paired with a physical practice, there's the added benefit of a mental release as well. 

4. If I've never taken a Yin and Sound Bath class, what can I expect? Jeff: During this class, we partner movement with sound so that they work together in harmony. The sound enhances relaxation in each pose, and each pose opens us to receive sound, which amplifies the benefits of both. During class you'll be mostly on your mat, not standing, and the teacher will guide you through a physical practice with props and modifications, that is accompanied by sound from the gongs and crystal bowls.

5. What is a "normal" feeling to have after class? Jeff: A deep sense of relaxation, both mentally and physically; not sleepy, but ready to go home and enjoy winding down peacefully. You will feel soothed and free of emotional and physically blockages that you may have been experiencing prior to class. 

Check out Rae Brauer @namaste.rae who teaches Yin and Sound Bath with Jeff Grant every Monday in Pasadena and other Hot 8 Yoga studios Sound Bath schedule HERE!

Be Your Own Inspiration!

Whether you are doing the 30 Day Challenge or not, Hot 8 Yoga will help shape you and change your life. We hope you find inspiration to keep showing up on your mat and love to hear about your story. Do you want to be featured next?

Karlton completed his 30 Day Challenge in May, you are SO CLOSE. Here’s some things Karlton learned during his 30 Day Challenge, and we hope some of it resonates with you too.

Here's Karlton's story:

I was a part-time yogi. I would do yoga 2-3 times a week, and lift weights another 4-5 times a week. Yoga was a perfect compliment to my routine. Power, Hot Power Fusion, and Yin classes were my typical rotation.  I stayed away from the other classes like the plague. I would come to class, stretch, sweat out my impurities, shower, and then go about my day. Never did I see myself as the everyday yogi, like others. That’s until I did my first 30-day challenge.

I can’t lie. I was reluctant to start. When asked about it, my default answer was “Yeah I don’t know. Maybe.” That phrase would end with a slight grin and a shoulder shrug. I would quickly change the subject.  My hesitation was brought on by several reasons. Firstly, 30 days of hot yoga is just a lot. Period. Secondly, like many self-conscience, ex-athletes, I thought that it would reverse my gains from the gym. Sitting at a solid 205 pounds, I didn’t want to lose my size or strength. Lastly, I’m busy. How was I going to add yoga into my schedule EVERYDAY?!

Then Day 1 of the challenge happened.  Like most people, it is quite easy to start something. I took my usual Power class, and happily placed my sticker on the board. Day 2 came, and again, repeated the cycle. Then something strange happened after seeing my third consecutive sticker. I realized that I HAD to complete this 30-day challenge. This was a breakthrough for me.

Luckily, being a member of staff, forced me into the studio for work. Therefore, if I had to work, I was going to take class. The problem with this is that my typical classes were not always the ones before or after my shift.  I had to conquer my fears, starting with Yoga Sculpt. Sculpt was the fifth class that I took at Hot 8, and was almost my last. I almost died in Marxel’s class. But, now I was in it. I had no choice.

After I got through my first sculpt class with Layna, I felt truly powerful. It was as if I fought and beat up the older bully that had been taunting me. From that point, I was invincible!! I took on Yoga Barre, Hot Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt head on, sometimes on consecutive days. Teachers didn’t scare me either. Nancy, Marxel, Leigh, Janette, Chelsea, Brit – It didn’t matter. I went in confident and came out stronger. I doubled up on classes for the first time, if I missed a day.  I was a focused yogi. On the last day, I took two classes. I’ll never forget of putting up the final sticker on the board. 30 DAYS!! I almost cried, and I’m not really emotional. It was a significant accomplishment, and even better was that it was unintended!

Since I’ve completed this 30-Day challenge, I feel immensely stronger, both spiritually and physically. I have leaned down to 197 pounds, but surprisingly, have gotten significantly stronger in the gym. My max has increased by 30 pounds, and I went to the gym less (I had started to go only 2-3x a week)! My abs are more defined, plus I have gain more mental focus and clarity. My body clock has naturally reset as well. I’ve begun wake up before 6am everyday, with no alarm! I have so much energy! Doing yoga everyday has also made me more cognizant of what I eat. More fruits and veggies. Less meat and sweats!

This challenge has been “eye” opening. I recommend yoga for everyone now. This experience has been life changing. I am an official yogi now. Thanks Hot 8 and all the wonderful yogis and teachers that have been with me through this journey. I even bought my own mat!


Karlton Frazier

How Heat Helps Reach Your Potential!

I’m always interested in ways to maximize my efforts, relationships and goals in my daily life and Hot Yoga has proven time and time again to help me in achieving so many more things than I anticipated!

It can sometimes be daunting to step into a hot room, and halfway through class you wonder, “why did I show up in the first place?” I know, I’m not talking to YOU, but . . .

Here are 5 very simple reasons why practicing in the heat will help you reach your fullest potential off the mat and in the world:

1. Hot Yoga Relieves Stress- Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this before. But REALLY, it relieves stress. It is proven that practicing in a hot room gets you a  better night of sleep, lower blood pressure and also lowered cholesterol levels. With the unavoidable stress factors in daily life it’s IMPERATIVE to manage your stress levels in order to accomplish your goals.
2. Teaches Mindfulness- A 60-to 90-minute yoga session can provide a nice detachment from disruptive technology, meetings and responsibilities and allow you to focus on yourself so that you can begin to move more mindfully in the rest of your life. This allows us to take control of our lives OFF of the mat.
3. Detox for REAL- You will sweat more in a Hot 8 Yoga class than in any other regular workout. According to this  LIVESTRONG article, a yogi can lose 1-3 pounds of water weight per class. The internal detoxification benefits range from flushing of the kidneys and liver which will help increase your metabolism to burning fat more effectively and helping to clear your skin- the largest organ in the body. YES PLEASE!
4. Improves Endurance- No one knows endurance better than professional athletes, and we are seeing more top notch athletes such as LeBron James (NBA Cleveland Cavaliers) and Russell Wilson (NFL Seattle Seahawks) practice in the heat to improve their endurance. Hot Yoga teaches you to keep working hard and push through for a sense of completion and success!
5. Gives You a Sense of Balance-  I have learned through a regular yoga practice that balance is key. And balance can mean going from complete effort to complete relaxation or knowing when to push versus allowing the ego to release and just enjoy Savasana. This lesson will give you more insight when you deal with challenging scenarios outside of the classroom. Balance is KEY!!
Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.- Jana Kingsford

Get yourself into a Hot 8 Yoga class this week to achieve all that you are capable of doing!!
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