Hot 8 Yoga : A Life Changing Experience

Scott blogMy experience with Hot 8 Yoga has been life changing.

A little over a year and a half ago, I had never set foot inside a yoga studio. A friend dragged me to my first class and I instantly fell in love with the practice. I tried all the different classes that Hot 8 had to offer and found that Power Yoga was the style that I really enjoyed the most. As my practice began to grow, I became more interested in the other aspects of yoga. At the same time there was a Power Teacher Training program being offered at Hot 8 and I decided to enroll. Through the program I was able to deepen my own practice as well as learn more about yoga and the yogic philosophy. I really didn’t have any intention of teaching, but through time I found that I really enjoyed it! After finishing the program, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach some of the community classes at the studio. It has been an amazing experience to be able to continue to grow and learn through teaching. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Hot 8 Yoga community. - Scott Brandon


Gr8 Core Abs: It Really Works!

I really appreciate the way that you accommodated all levels while keeping the energy up and making us all feel like part of a family. I noticed a difference in my abs right away, of course. I can't wait for the next Gr8 Core!" -Karen, Hot8 Yoga student A comfortable environment is the first place to start any practice or workout. You want to feel the support around you, to relax you, to motivate you, and engage you. Physical fitness has always been a part of my life. I played many sports as a kid and studied dance as a teenager. I know how certain environments are intimidating and competitive, which is the nature of most sports. I've always excelled in spaces that were more welcoming. I create spaces that may break you down physically, but will always build you up mentally, and burn your muscles instantly! Community, motivation, slamming music, work hard & play harder. I was enrolling a faithful client of Hot8, before the previous Ab masterclass. This particular client, who is loyal to their practice said effortlessly, "I'm not strong and my abs are definitely no stronger." I wondered, is it the body speaking or the mind retreating? "Whether new to yoga or older than cassette Walkmans, Cornelius Jones will find a way to challenge you so that your practice will never become predictable or easy, but remains ever engaging, refreshening, and a channel toward self-discovery." -Kai, Hot8 Yoga student Regardless of any level you're currently at, I make each moment enjoyable as possible and accessible for all bodies. Challenge yourself to break past your limitations. Challenge yourself to strengthen your body. Get out of your head and move more into your body. Yes we all have weaknesses in certain areas, which is why you practice to get stronger. Second time around you'll notice the same but effective formula with added new exercises to add to your palette, to optimize your time and better your performance. Jessie (Hot8 client & Gr8 core alum) was more than satisfied and shared: "I've been wanting to tell you how sore my abs were the next few days after your workshop! It was AWESOME! I felt parts of my abs I have never felt...Definitely motivating." Get out of your head, and get more into your body! Let's kill it! MIND RIGHT, BODY TIGHT. Gr8 CORE!

Gr8 Core Abs Workshop: Saturday, December 6th, 2:30pm-3:45pm


My Hot 8 Story - A Drastic Change to Body and Mind

before-afterI was introduced to the Hot 8 studio on Wilshire by my roommate Brynn who swore by it. She had been going to Soha’s classes regularly and it showed. I, on the other hand, had just gone through a breakup with my boyfriend of 10 years and was feeling a bit lost to say the least. I was newly single at 26 and felt completely derailed. To make matters worse, I had gained about 20lbs towards the end of the relationship and my confidence was at an all-time low. So one early morning, back in October 2013, Brynn attempted to drag me from my room, which I’d turned into a dungeon that consisted of Sex and the City on repeat and endless amounts of pizza delivery. You should also know that prior to joining Hot 8, I rarely exercised (as in I never exercised) and the idea of going into a sweltering room with experienced Yogis wasn’t at the top of my priority list. Nevertheless, I decided I should at least try it out. I remember the first half of Omar’s Sculpt class was almost unbearable and there were moments I thought I was going to puke. But I didn’t want to give-up. And an hour later, I felt more mentally and physically sound than I could remember. I knew instantly that Hot 8 was going to become a new home for me. Since that morning in 2013, I’ve managed to lose 30lbs and have kept it off from going to Soha’s Barre classes and Omar’s Sculpt classes religiously. Their remarkable techniques have drastically changed not only my body, but my mind as well. I have more energy than ever and a newfound lease on life. I thank the universe every day for giving me that little bit of courage to attempt something completely out of my comfort zone. And I especially thank Hot 8 for welcoming me into their loving and warm community. Namaste! - Murphy Stack


Synergy Yoga

Synergy Yoga photo 2After participating in my first Synergy class, I knew this would be something I would soon be sharing with others. Right away I connected to the physical connection to another body that takes place in this practice. I know that sounds a little ‘touchy/feely’ but that couldn’t be further from my experience. I felt like my body was being supported in a way that happened far beyond what my rational mind could understand. My experience was that my body was communicating to another body through breath and relaxation. My mind didn’t even have a chance to interpret or judge what was going on. I didn’t know it at the time, but now know this is what makes the practice of Synergy so special, and healing. Synergy is a practice that creates a space of trust and communication. Unlike during a therapy session or anything liner where the mind is filtering being ‘vulnerable,’ this practice allows us to go right to the place of feeling supported, which inspires vulnerability immediately. We don’t even have to think about it. The health benefits that come from this unique way of communication from body to body is huge. Back bending and forward bending, (which in yoga class can feel often challenging or scary), are experienced with grace and ease. When one partner relaxes into the stretch, the other partner’s body feels that relaxation and is inspired by that, and then relaxes too. Just like in Yoga when the instructor speaks to the ‘body’ Synergy is a communication from ‘body to body.’ - Amanda Dykann


The Barre Life

I found BARRE (60 minutes, baby). I can’t even express to you the change that my body has experienced, I have developed a muscle tone that is NOT natural or genetics, I have ( for the most part always been thin, except for the entire year of 2007 but that is a different story) but never toned. My arms and legs are thin and my stomach resembles one that would typically belong on Homer Simpson. Yoga Barre has completely transformed my stomach, legs and ass. My pants fit more comfortably and the cellulite on my ass and upper legs is basically non existent. My boobs are even perkier! NO lie and I’m standing up much straighter, which  has been a big burden for me! Read the rest of this blog >


Beet and Goat Cheese Heaven

When we were younger we loved a certain brand of garlic-and-herb cream cheese, which we’ve recreated here using goats’ cheese. It’s always good to “vary the dairy” and goats’ dairy is one of the easiest to digest. Look for the best-quality goats’ cheese you can find – full-fat for flavor and nourishment. We’ve paired the cheese with layers of colorful beet slices, which are beautiful to behold! Try to get as many colors of beets as you can: golden, purple, and candy-colored Chioggia. We love how every time we make this terrine it looks different. Make this the night before a picnic or dinner party − this dish has the wow factor.  Read the full article >


Bicoastal Biathalon in Los Angeles

Bicoastal Biathlon LAOn Saturday, October 25, from 1:00-5:30 p.m., Well+Good readers are invited to the ultimate two-hour boutique fitness event in Santa Monica, presented by Athleta. Athletes will check-in at 1:00 PM at the Athleta Store at 1318 3rd St. and head out with their team to their first of two workouts. Your entire $30 registration goes to Girls on the Run, a non-profit mentoring organization that uses a 5K-training program as a basis to inspire young girls to be healthy and self-confident.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, October 1 at noon sharp!

What team are you on? Team Sculpt and Flow Pure Barre with Kayla Allen (All participants are required to wear a top that covers their midriff, long pants and socks in order to participate) Hot 8 Yoga Sculpt with Layna Dakin After-party back at the Santa Monica Athleta Store Team Burn and Balance Maha Burn with Ryan Orrico (at Naam Yoga in Santa Monica) Unplug Mediation with Suze Schwartz (at Naam Yoga in Santa Monica) After-party back at the Santa Monica Athleta Store

Grab a girlfriend and register now.


A Pro Bowl linebacker is now a nationally-known yoga teacher

It had been 15 years Keith Mitchell performed in front of thousands of fans in the greater New York City area. In his past life however, the crowd wasn’t widely splayed in front of him on yoga mats. “I guess the more traditional way that we are supposed to greet each other in the yoga community is we say ‘Namaste,’” Mitchell, a former Pro Bowl linebacker with the New Orleans Saints, told the audience at Wanderlust 108 in Prospect Park on Saturday. “That’s so different from where I’ve come from because normally when I’d journey to the East Coast and New York City I would not be bringing peace typically. We would come here to beat up on the New York Giants and New York Jets.” Read the full article >


Gr8 Core - The Ultimate Ab Experience

I often hear, "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible." My response is: "That's why you do yoga!" And now introducing Gr8 Core, I get, "I can't do abs because I don't have them." And again, that's why you take an ab class! If you don't have abs or do, any and everyone, can benefit from The Ultimate Ab Experience. This master class is for everyone: the advanced & the novice, the veteran & the rookie. Begin your practice expanding on what you already know, want to know, and want more of. We start with a brief fundamental & important overview of the anatomical structure of the physical body, its abdominal walls, and then we move! Be prepared to sweat, tone, and sculpt. As we flow get informed of the actual abdominal muscles we are building on and fat burning. In most of my classes we party through at 100%, and for some it’s what they love & need, and some it’s what they love to achieve but can seem so fast. So this is the class to ask questions about alignment, technique and form. As about modifications with or without assisted blocks, straps, and foam rollers; and routines you might have missed in past classes with me. Challenge Yourself. Stretch Yourself. Express Yourself & Grow...GO! - Brit Middleton


Tulum, Mexco Getaway!

Jay Z said it, "you could be anywhere in the world right now, but you're here with me." For those that work too hard, need to relax in the sun and sand even harder, and desire a getaway far from LA, be here with us as Hot 8 Yoga goes to Tulum, Mexico this October. Led by Marja Lankinen and Omar Lopez, two of the hottest instructors at the #1 yoga studio in Los Angeles, they will take you from stress and cell phones to serenity in the sand as we spend five days and four nights loving life at Amansala Eco-Resort in Tulum, Mexico. Days spent snorkeling, being pampered with massage/facial options, and, of course, three-a-day meditation and yoga classes as nights are filled with salsa lessons, tribal drumming, and optional yin classes that will bliss out even the hardest of sleepers as the stars and sea calm the busy mind. Come for the workout, work-in, or un-work and you've come to the right retreat. Yes, you could be anywhere in the world this fall, but why not be in paradise with us? - Marja Lankinen