Synergy Yoga

Synergy Yoga is a healing art that incorporates Partner Yoga, Acro Yoga and guided Thai massage. It inspires trust, playfulness, communication, and develops focus. This practice encourages the body to relax into stretches unlike any other practice of yin or restorative yoga. Synergy gives people the experience that vulnerability can be perfect protection, because the postures feel safe when both people surrender and trust one another. I believe in the power of two energy bodies coming together and creating something greater then the sum of both parts. Something “happens” when we share energy that is hard to put into words. Healing occurs on an exponential level. This physical practice of partner stretching helps people to experience a depth of a stretch that alone, would not happen. It creates a reference point that the body remembers, and can then go to that depth on ones own. Amanda Dykann has been teaching Synergy all over the world. She was trained in Tulum, Mexico in 2008. She believes the practice of Synergy has inspired her yoga practice on and of the mat in all areas of her life. This is a non-heated yoga class. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in, a mat and towel. Individuals welcome, we will partner you with another yogi.


Finally, the Right Studio for Me

When Hot 8 Yoga opened in Santa Monica I finally found the right yoga studio for me. The amazing teachers combined with the beautiful space really gave me a place where I felt comfortable to explore my yoga practice and myself. Now, after almost two and a half years of avidly cultivating my practice, I have reached a point where I want to take it to the next level and take part in one of their teacher training programs. I am not necessarily sure that I want to teach, but, I am open and excited to see where the journey takes me. - Danielle Lowy


Why Yoga Saves My Soul

So often, in the craziness of life, we tend to forget the importance of stillness. And I don’t think this is necessarily in direct relation to Los Angeles, or Big City Living, or even America Living. I think it’s human nature to need to keep moving, to keep striving, to be the best. First of all, I think this is what makes our world incredible. These people, the “go getter’s”, they keep us all motivated. But what about silence? What about peace? And second of all, this question is why Yoga saves my soul. The daily grind is our “yang” or “yong” practice, this is our need to be great( important and amazing) and our need to feel worthy (also amazing). This yang practice is high energy, give it your all, can’t get enough kind of stuff. The “yin” practice is equally as important, it keeps us balanced, it keeps us focused, and it brings the peace that we all long for so deeply. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in my own practice, how I feel so desperate to keep moving, to hold handstand, to do an extra chaturanga. But what about breathing a little deeper? Taking a little bit longer to move into Warrior 2? Or even coming to child’s pose when everyone else is movie GASP? I believe in the Power of Stillness, and the power of being still with one’s self. While the yang energy is so important, as is balance. Personally, I believe the most powerful and influential people in the world make time to check in, and find their own stillness and groundedness. These go-getters are my yin and yong inspiration. That is my challenge, and I’m realizing where I will be able to find my peace. - Brit Middleton


Why I Love Hot Yoga

I started teaching Hot Yoga 17 years ago which began a lifelong journey for healing. Hot Yoga was the first introduction to being present in my body with single pointed awareness. Standing on one leg and holding the other foot in a hot room gives no room for reflecting on the past or worrying about the future. Hot Yoga was a doorway into meditation. The heat and postures demand concentration which is the first step to meditation. Yes, Hot Yoga will tone, strengthen and increase flexibility but the most dramatic life changing aspect of the practice is the effect on the mind. Yoga gives us the space to create a choice in how we respond to life. Within that gap is pure potential. A recent student captures the ability to tune in and connect to that inner knowledge that brings us back to our natural state: “…After participating in my first class today since 2009, I can testify that the BENEFITS REAPED ARE IMMEDIATE. Yes, I wanted to faint towards the end of the 1-hr session, but I kept breathing & pushed thru the discomfort & heat. So glad I did! Why pray tell?! Because the last 3 weeks I've felt lymphedema kicking in. I am a breast cancer survivor (6 months cancer-free)! I had 3 lymph nodes removed from under my armpit to prevent the cancer from spreading and was forewarned that for the rest of my life I have to be mindful of lymphedema. Google it... the symptoms are not cute. Imagine my arm/hand swelling to the size of a football. I'm not one to sit around and wait for someone to tell me what to do instead I signed up for HOT 8 YOGA knowing full well my body was in need of purification. Can I tell you I walked out of that yoga studio 6 hrs ago with my hand back to normal, swelling gone and the pain significantly reduced. Wow! I'm sitting in bed staring and comparing my hands now in awe of the beauty that is natural therapies. No drugs, just exercise and buckets of sweat. So proud of myself for listening to my 6th sense. If you or someone you know is in need of a new remedy I highly recommend Hot 8 Yoga!” - Milly B. With deep gratitude for all the teachers who share this healing practice and the students that keep it alive by stepping onto their mats in a sweaty mess of hope and realization that all we need is available to us when we choose to tune in and listen. - Deanna Ainsworth / Hot 8 Yoga Director, Santa Monica


"Look at the five closest people to you"

As we embark on a new year, embrace the past memories and significant moments but do not hold on. Instead focus on yourself and what you are allowing to come with you into this new year. What better way to start than evaluating who you surround yourself with. An inspirational speaker said, "Look at the five closest people to you... You are an average of all of them." Who are they? What do they represent? The energy you put out is what you attract. Start this new year off cleansed and inspired but most importantly surrounded by support and love. Make sure it is the kind that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. We at Hot 8 Yoga are here to support and love you. We want to help you begin this journey. Nothing can stop you now. Namaste. - Jessica Hensley [gallery columns="4" ids="1554,1555,1556,1557"]


Yoga in a Hot Room

Yoga in a hot room , or Yoga in a not hot room, that is the question. It really is, and it really comes down to what you are looking for in your own practice. By practice, what do I mean? I mean your goals, your postures that you want to hit, the desire to prove strength. I mean, c’mon, you’re walking into Hot 8 Yoga with a mat, towel and water telling the already seeming annoyed front desk person that you want to take Hot Yoga/Sculpt/Barre/Yin and finding out which of the 17 rooms it could be in, remembering your friend saying they almost passed out, then putting your stuff in the locker room with all the half-naked, and extremely fit other people in there, deciding if you want a greens 3 or is it an orange 4, whatever, going into class forgetting if you keep your socks on or off, finding a spot without annoying the lady with panties on ONLY, what’s that even about, and then laying your mat down, only to realize everyone seems to have the same mat, am I not supposed to be in this club?, hearing all the people walk in and oh shoot I forgot those incredible cold lovely eucalyptus, or is it lavender towels, do I have time?, and then PHEWW . . . . there he/she is, they said hi, they confirmed I am in the right class, and they will take care of me, and guide me, and support me, and encourage me. My teacher is here, and I can disappear for 60 – 90 minutes and I’ll see the rest of the world later. THAT is your daily practice. All that babble leading up to it is the hardest part, but you made it, and that right there is a feat. Good for you. So, get at it, keep at it, and keep sweating. There are subtle differences between the heated yoga and not. But with the heat, we are allowed to let yoga kick our tush. We are allowed to get dizzy, and cry, and *WARNING* sometimes, enjoy ourselves. The heat is detoxifying, and let’s our brain believe our body is working at full capacity by watching whatever is being held inside release through sweat. With most workouts society has shown that the most pain is the most gain. But really, wouldn’t the most love to ourselves be the most gain? Did they come up with that saying just because it rhymes? So moral of the story: heat or not, do the yoga thing. And especially at Hot 8, because we have a good time doing it. - Brit Middleton


Yoga Teachers Save the World!

“Yeah wholesale nfl jerseys yeah yeah, Teacher Training is soooo cool, but it’s also sooooo much time, and I cheap jerseys don’t have a strong practice, and I’m not sure I even WANT to be a teacher, and my cat’s birthday is during the training, and my parents think How yoga is weird, and blah”. And that’s with an extra o so you know I mean it.

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We teach Yoga not to fix, or yoga to preach, or even to inspire. We teach to be a part of something greater. Yes, fixing, sharing, and inspiring are all a part of it, but it’s also about connection. And the work that collectively we are doing to give people a safe space to enter and notice breath, and cheap jerseys themselves, and growth.

I Mlb teach because I see the change. We all hear “see the change you want to Remys be and be the change you want to see”. What are you doing to make that mantra yours?

When I did teacher training I didn’t know what Secrets I wanted, and was unable to see clearly why I was doing it at the time. But with a continued practice and peeling back of the layers, I learned the importance and necessity of training myself to love wholly, without interruption, and with compassion.

And my teacher training experience is just the simple story. Yeah, so what, big deal, I found my path . . . . HOLD UP, that’s incredible, and I won’t cut it short. Teacher Training changed my life. I say it all cheap nba jerseys the time and I believe it: do teacher training , you will become the light you’ve been searching.

– Brit Middleton