Cool Products - Love Bottles

Check out these amazing reusable glass water bottles from the Portland, Oregon based company: LOVE BOTTLES! These yogi bottles are a constant reminder to stay mentally centered throughout your day while also continuing to hydrate your body. Om is believed to be the spoken essence of the universe. Let this sacred symbol and mantra bring some meditation and blessings to your water and to your day! Not only are these bottles very unique with their designs but they can be made even more specific by your personalized writing on them. You can write on both the glass and printed part of the bottle. To remove the writing from the glass just put the bottle through one wash! Come into Hot 8 Yoga to claim one of your unique bottles today! Bottle Choices: Mandala Bottle, Om Bottle, Orange and Bubbles Bottle, Bluebirds Bottle Please watch this video regarding the health benefits of drinking water from a glass bottle!