My Yoga Mat - My Sanctuary

My yoga mat has become my sanctuary. From my 24 x 68 inch oasis in Francesca’s Hot Yoga class I have been able to dig deep within and make some profound personal changes. I am sharing this ongoing experience in hope that it may inspire others. The loss of my beloved son eleven years ago affects my life today in subtle but concrete ways. Like tossing a rock into a pond, the ripples are felt throughout. Through the physical practice of Hot Yoga and Francesca’s mantra of love and accept yourself, I have been able to let go of eleven years of benzodiazepines and antidepressant dependency. It’s been a process of physical withdrawal that is now behind me. The mental aspects of feeling raw pain are here and I am dealing with them as they come. Hot yoga has become my therapy, my sanctuary. - Jil MoraMarco