Gr8 Core Abs: It Really Works!

I really appreciate the way that you accommodated all levels while keeping the energy up and making us all feel like part of a family. I noticed a difference in my abs right away, of course. I can't wait for the next Gr8 Core!" -Karen, Hot8 Yoga student A comfortable environment is the first place to start any practice or workout. You want to feel the support around you, to relax you, to motivate you, and engage you. Physical fitness has always been a part of my life. I played many sports as a kid and studied dance as a teenager. I know how certain environments are intimidating and competitive, which is the nature of most sports. I've always excelled in spaces that were more welcoming. I create spaces that may break you down physically, but will always build you up mentally, and burn your muscles instantly! Community, motivation, slamming music, work hard & play harder. I was enrolling a faithful client of Hot8, before the previous Ab masterclass. This particular client, who is loyal to their practice said effortlessly, "I'm not strong and my abs are definitely no stronger." I wondered, is it the body speaking or the mind retreating? "Whether new to yoga or older than cassette Walkmans, Cornelius Jones will find a way to challenge you so that your practice will never become predictable or easy, but remains ever engaging, refreshening, and a channel toward self-discovery." -Kai, Hot8 Yoga student Regardless of any level you're currently at, I make each moment enjoyable as possible and accessible for all bodies. Challenge yourself to break past your limitations. Challenge yourself to strengthen your body. Get out of your head and move more into your body. Yes we all have weaknesses in certain areas, which is why you practice to get stronger. Second time around you'll notice the same but effective formula with added new exercises to add to your palette, to optimize your time and better your performance. Jessie (Hot8 client & Gr8 core alum) was more than satisfied and shared: "I've been wanting to tell you how sore my abs were the next few days after your workshop! It was AWESOME! I felt parts of my abs I have never felt...Definitely motivating." Get out of your head, and get more into your body! Let's kill it! MIND RIGHT, BODY TIGHT. Gr8 CORE!

Gr8 Core Abs Workshop: Saturday, December 6th, 2:30pm-3:45pm