Discovering the Yin and Yang of Yoga

For most of us (myself included), we’re first introduced to yoga through a more tangible side of the practice. Essentially we discover yoga by flowing through the physical side of the practice (the Yang side). This side of yoga not only invigorates the mind and body but it also calms us from our daily stresses and creates more space in our bodies. At the same time, we become less distracted by the “little things in life” and physically healthier.

Rebekah Rivera yin photo 2Then, something shifts deeper within our mind and body. We discover the subtle side of the practice (the Yin side), which creates an awareness of the movements in our breath that allows us to understand the various sensations and space in our mind and body. Understanding the subtle side brings “wholeness” within our practice. Yin sets a balance within us from an emotional, physical and mental standpoint.

This not to say we don’t need our Yang energy. We do because the Yang energy brings vitality and fire into our lives. The gentle Yin side keeps in check those behaviors/sensations that can lead us to lose our balance and focus, as well as consume our joy.

Yin yoga is simple but challenging. It provides the necessary stillness to be aware of what’s occurring in the present and offers opportunities to create significant changes along our journey.

For myself, Yin has allowed me to remain present and see my life experiences as they are—not how I wish they could be or should be. Yin has expanded my personal practice on every level. I know that only good things can come out of diving into a full-circle practice. I encourage you to explore the possibilities that can happen by opening yourself to Yin.

With Love, Rebekah Grace Rivera


Teacher Spotlight: Devon Riesenbeck

Devon-trainer Where are you from originally? I'm from Cincinnati, OH! True midwest girl. What brought you to Los Angeles? Dancing and just in general being done with the snow and ice brought me to LA! How did you get into yoga? I originally started yoga to help with my dance technique, but ended up getting so much more. Not only did I get stronger, but I was sleeping better, and a got a new "yogi" way of thinking. Where did you train to teach Yoga Barre? I trained to teach here at Hot8! What's your favorite thing about teaching at Hot 8 Yoga? My favorite part of teaching is at the very end of class. When everyone is exhausted and sweaty, but feeling so accomplished and strong. It's the greatest feeling to be surrounded by. What is something most people don't know about you? That I have true nerd love for Harry Potter, LOTR, and just about any other book series you can think of! Any mottos you live by? If there is a path it is someone else's path and you are not on the adventure