Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training


sculpt - verb - create or represent (something) by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques

synonyms: carve, model, chisel, sculpture, fashion, form, shape, cast, cut, hew

I never anticipated enjoying a yoga practice which incorporates free weights and high energy cardio movements in a heated room. Heck…if you asked me 5 years ago if I’d like to attend such a class, I would’ve refused without a second thought. As a “traditional” yogi, having come from a very spiritual background, I frankly thought it sacrilegious to bastardize yoga in such a way. I stand corrected. Collaboration is what makes the creative world goes round. Fusion. The coming together of many ideas, to ultimately create something harmonious. And after my accidental transition into teaching Sculpt almost 4 years ago, I continue to find this harmony and synergy on a daily basis. I start off every Sculpt class, with a disclaimer - my personal belief on what this practice is intended to be.
“… a Power flow class, which with the help and addition of free weights, allows us to explore and isolate various muscle groups, ultimately enhancing and strengthening our vinyasa (or any other modality of yoga) practice.”
I find that the student attracted to this particular practice, is an individual who is seeking just that. Something relatable, i.e a weight lifting regiment, that also - whether consciously realizing this, or not - leaves the body (…and ultimately the mind), in a state of utter bliss. A lengthening and strengthening of muscles and connective tissue, through endurance and discipline exercises, that by definition carves, chisels, forms, cuts and creates, not just a healthy physical body, but more importantly, a healthy relationship with the physical body. And that, my friends, is the goal. To create a healthy, positive and loving relationship with the physical body. An awareness of feeling good. Because it’s this feeling good, that translates into a smile, a glow, a love for self. And Lord knows - a love for self is essential in order to love another. Isn’t that why we do yoga? A connection to love - for self, for another, for each other? Every class ends with; “…the light (and love) in me, acknowledges and sees to the light (and love) in you. “ For in that place, is the one love. The ultimate bliss. "So you’re telling me I can attain this with weights in hand, grooving to some deep house, at 105 degrees?" Yes, my yogi friends. Yes I am. Let’s collaborate and find bliss, shall we?


Meditation Improves Relationships

In case you missed it, emotional regulation resulting from mindfulness was discussed in Part 1. However, mindfulness can also be practiced in order to improve relationships; and no matter what gender you identify with, or what kind of job you perform, improving relationships makes life a whole lot better…and easier!
“Specifically, mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce activity in the amygdala, a region of the brain that determines how much stress we experience and that is central in modulating our fear responses. For example, people with very active amygdala tend to experience more depression and anxiety.”
Study after study indicates that strengthening the trait of being mindful predicts: Increased response flexibility – Instead of responding in the same way to people or events with negativity, flip that emotion into something positive and see how that makes you feel. Decreased reactivity – Thinking about it, before acting on it, can be a good thing! Decreased emotional stress (in response to relationship conflict) – More deep breathing to keep things calm inside and on the outside. Improved ability to enter conflict discussion with less anger and anxiety – Clearly a winning strategy. In other words, decreasing amygdala activity through yoga and meditation can alter how we perceive ourselves in relation to others, but it also helps us deal with real life stresses in practical ways that lead to resolution. Less active amygdala, fewer emotional outbursts and more happy days! Start building your Hot 8 Yoga relationship by becoming BFF’s with yoga and meditation, and experience real improvement and satisfaction in your personal relationships! Monday through Friday, look for the "Invigor8 Meditation" classes beginning October 10th at all studios. See you on the mat! Source Material: