Mood Boosting in the Heat

I have been depressed and anxious for as long as I can remember. My mom passed away when I was six and my father raised me on his own from there. He was fifty-five when he had me and struggled to connect with a young daughter. Whether it is chemical or simply the longing for deeper nurture, my mood has suffered. I have participated in many sports from a young age and I think that was the only time I felt high enough to get through that week or month. Read More


Take a Deep Breath, Relieve Your Stress

Earlier this year, after I lost my temper and began arguing with my partner, he took a moment of pause and said, “Take a deep breath.” Even in my anger, I knew he wasn’t trying to be patronizing, he simply knew I was irritated and wanted to help me relax. This is his thing; he spends 15 minutes every morning meditating. But I don’t. I suffer from an all-too-common condition. Read More


Fountain of Youth

fountain-of-youthMindfulness—that awesome reality check that let's you know just how little control you really have over your mind—is still worth the effort, and here’s why.

Meditation literally transforms cortical tissue in the brain - good. Mindfulness meditation has also been discovered to influence key aspects of human biology connected to cellular and body aging - very good. Cue choir, trumpets and fireworks. We all know that stress causes lots of physiological changes in the body, but did you know stress actually leads to premature aging? Scientists use telomeres - the ends of our chromosomes - as an indicator of cellular age. The length of the telomere shows how quickly a cell is aging. Therefore, when a telomere erodes away, the chromosome begins to degrade, signaling the cell to cease dividing or to die. Not good. So how can we change the length of our telomeres and our life? Scientists have found meditation to be an effective way to both slow the erosion of telomeres and repair and re-lengthen them. In fact, Elizabeth Hoge from Harvard University found that people who meditate have longer telomeres, and possibly longer lives [1]. Theories differ as to how exactly meditation boosts telomere growth, but more than likely it has something to do with the fact that meditation simply reduces stress. Everyone ages, some quicker than others, depending on the amount of stress they are regularly managing. Come lengthen your life with Hot 8 Yoga’s new Invigor8 Meditation practice Monday through Friday after your favorite morning classes! See you on the mat!