Ever Wonder Why You Om?

Om Is The Word. The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated. Yet there is a multitude of philosophical ideas developed by looking into the deeper dimensions of the body, mind and spirit. Let’s demystify one area of Yoga that many people practice, but may not even know why. This is covered in Hot 8 Yoga’s Foundation 1 & 2 classes. The meaning, significance and philosophy of “Om.” Read More

Join In On The Fun! How To Get Fit Just In Time For Summer

Habits are powerful, unconscious patterns of behavior that once formed, play a large role in influencing the direction of one’s life. To a certain degree, our lives go where our habits take us. Our bodies, the vehicle; our habits, the chauffeur. If you’re anything like me, then you may have noticed that the intensity of your yoga practice surges at times and then peters out at times. You practice regularly for a week or two, and then that drops down to whenever you can actually find the time. It’s a strong likelihood that this pattern of inconsistency affects not only your yoga practice, but other aspects in your life. It’s human nature. Read More



As you start to dig deeper into your yoga practice, it’s natural for questions to surface that might not get answered in a group class setting. What is yoga? Where did these poses come from? Why do we use their Sanskrit names? Is it really yoga if there’s a techno playlist on? At the Foundations Workshop every weekend at Hot 8 Yoga, we gather as a community to explore this practice in a little more depth ­– learning about its history, its philosophic underpinnings, and diving into the esoteric realm of the subtle body and the chakra system. Read More


What is Yin Yoga?

This common question is usually answered with statements such as: “It is the balancing practice for your yang style of yoga” or “It is yoga for the joints and fascia, not the muscles”. And those answers are correct, but they also come up short. That’s because Yin yoga is multi layered. To understand it fully, you need to get to know it’s background and experience the practice for yourself. Read More


Is a 300 Hour Teacher Training Right for You?

By the time you’re curious about doing an advanced training, chances are you’ve either already experienced a Yoga Teacher Training of some kind or you’ve been practicing for long enough that, organically, you’ve arrived at a place in which you want to “go deeper”. In other words, you’ve already seen the effects that your yoga practice has on your life and you recognize the benefit of not only sustaining it, but nurturing it. Read More


Power 1: The Perfect Class to Kick-Start Your Yoga Practice

Don’t know where to start? Scared of trying something new? Our Power 1 Class is right for you! This Vinyasa-style flow class designed for beginners is a set sequence. Pairing breath with movement, Power 1 is meant to integrate the mind/body connection. It is a whole body strengthening practice that includes Sun Salutations, standing postures, simple arm balances, core strengthening, backbends, hip-openers, and restorative postures. Read More


Looking to increase flexibility, boost metabolism and lengthen your muscles?

Yoga Barre is unlike any other class out there. Created by Nancy Norby, who has been a Barre teacher for over three decades and dancer for even longer. The focus of this class is about having a solid center and allowing your core to guide and uphold you throughout class. Read More