Looking to increase flexibility, boost metabolism and lengthen your muscles?

Yoga Barre is unlike any other class out there.

Created by Nancy Norby, who has been a Barre teacher for over three decades and dancer for even longer. The focus of this class is about having a solid center and allowing your core to guide and uphold you throughout class. Similar to our other classes, Yoga Barre is held in a heated room, which leads it to have profound and cohesive muscle conditioning, along with being super detoxifying.
The first time I tried Yoga Barre was with Nancy a few years ago. I remember thinking “this is the hardest class I’ve ever taken” and admittedly I was a bit intimidated. Then I came back and made sure I took the class at least 3 times a week during Hot 8 Yoga’s 30 Day Challenge. After 3 classes I already found myself becoming so much stronger at the Barre & on the mat. I was able to get past my edge and the muscle fatigue that seemed unbearable at first. Now I even have teachers telling me that they didn’t realize I was so flexible! Well neither did I! I’ve always had very tight muscles from being a long-distance runner and not stretching properly. Not only was Yoga Barre giving me strength in muscles I didn’t even know existed, but I was able to stretch deeply during class and felt balanced when I would leave. IMG_0802_copy1

The unique combination of isometric movements to target specific muscles and yoga to elongate those muscles, create a harmonious relationship which has the power to transform your body. With the addition of light weights and resistance balls you begin to promote targeted muscle toning to heighten the workout. The secret is in the repetition, the goal is to fatigue the muscle — and that’s where the magic happens. The best part about Yoga Barre is it is 100% accessible to all, by focusing on proper alignment and all of the exercises being non-impact, it enables you to strengthen your body in a safe and effective way. Many people working through injuries have turned to Yoga Barre to help them rebuild mobility and strength in those injured areas. Don’t let the word barre fool you either, this isn’t just meant for dancers. Yes, you use the barre as a tool to balance or deepen stretches but it is essentially just an additive prop to help you dive deeper into the Yoga Barre practice.

The use of asana, in addition to cardio and stretching, gives the class a meditative quality in the midst of the fast-paced sequences. Downward dog may be practiced to warm up the hamstrings, child’s pose to rest and plank for arm and core strength. The class helps increase joint flexibility and enhances recovery time for veterans and beginners alike. The unequivocal blend of yoga, body sculpting, barre work, and non-impact cardio will leave you feeling challenged and strong.

Let’s sweat, lift, sculpt and tone our way to the barre.