What's Missing From Your Practice? Learn How To Take It To The Next Level

Initially strength training and yoga seem as different as day and night. Yoga is flow, spirit, relaxation, and flexibility. Strength training is power, force, effort, and pure fitness. Never the two should meet. Until you realize exactly what these differing disciplines have in common and how we combine them in Yoga Sculpt. This high-intensity, vinyasa-style flow class incorporates small hand weights and cardio to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. This power-up session builds strength, stamina, and flexibility. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster as you move through Sun Salutations in a vinyasa-style class, enabling extra length and depth in each pose. Read More

Got The Sniffles? Detox Your Mind To Heal Your Body

Subtle Body: Posture, Anatomy, & Energy (Foundations 3 + 4) At any level of experience during your yogic journey, it’s always nice to get back to the basics. It’s important to understand how your body, your breath, your alignment and your energy are incorporated into the practice. You always have a choice in yoga, you can simply go through the motions, or you can really focus the attention inward and go deep. Once you truly understand your foundation, you can build a strong base to reach new heights in your practice. Read More

Looking To Add Time To Your Day? Try Meditation!

Meditation doesn’t take time, it gives time. Do you often feel like time is just flying by and there is never enough of it get everything you want to accomplish done? Are you constantly behind on deadlines and feeling overwhelmed or distracted? Does the thought of taking personal time seem impossible because you have so much going on? If your honest answer to those questions was yes, it’s time to change your relationship with time, and start your daily meditation practice. Why? Meditation doesn’t take time, it gives time. When we meditate we attain a different state of consciousness that is totally different from our waking state. Read More