What's Missing From Your Practice? Learn How To Take It To The Next Level

Initially strength training and yoga seem as different as day and night. Yoga is flow, spirit, relaxation, and flexibility. Strength training is power, force, effort, and pure fitness. Never the two should meet. Until you realize exactly what these differing disciplines have in common and how we combine them in Yoga Sculpt.

This high-intensity, vinyasa-style flow class incorporates small hand weights and cardio to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. This power-up session builds strength, stamina, and flexibility. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster as you move through Sun Salutations in a vinyasa-style class, enabling extra length and depth in each pose. Designed for intermediate levels in a room heated to 104-107 degrees.

Here are the five benefits you can experience by mixing strength training and yoga:

Balance strength & flexibility. IMG_0560Naturally bendy yogis may find that because plenty of postures are easy to reach, they might not be building muscle strength as effectively as they could. Strength training is ideal for anyone looking to improve muscle strength, slim down, and burn calories – and it also helps your flexibility. Strength without flexibility is not particularly healthy, but flexibility without strength is out of balance.

Ward off muscle loss. Muscle mass begins to decline at the age of 40. While yoga is an excellent way to maintain strength, whatever your age, you may need a little extra help from weight training. Adding Yoga Sculpt to your regimen two or three times a week builds muscle mass and bone density in a way you may not achieve through yoga alone, particularly as you get older.

Improve the slow-twitch and the fast twitch. When it comes to muscle strength and power, twitchiness is key. When you practice yoga and hold poses for a considerable length of time, you are activating your slow-twitch muscle fibers. This action helps build endurance. Through strength training in Yoga Sculpt, you work those fast-twitch fibers that help you develop speed, reaction time, and power. Maintaining a balance between working these two types of fiber helps you live a healthier, more active life.

Develop body awareness & avoid injury. Working with weights or using your body-weight to build muscle, is not just about building power and force; it is about building body awareness too. You learn how far you can push your body, and where you need to take a step back. If you’re super-flexible, you can risk getting injured during your practice if you push yourself too far without realizing when your body is saying no. Building awareness of the movements around joints helps preserve a healthy, injury-free yoga practice.

Improve muscle shape & slim down. Slim yogis may want better defined muscles, while people who tend to put on weight easily look for a way to boost metabolism – Yoga Sculpt helps with both. Yoga on its own brings both these benefits, of course, but who isn’t looking for a little extra boost?

If you want to take your Yoga Sculpt practice to the next level, our Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training may be right for you! “This Teacher Training allows you to dig deeper into the fundamentals of yoga & the philosophy of yoga, and help to demystify any concerns or hesitations around the incorporation of weights into the practice. In Sculpt TT you will gain an abundance of useful information that can be challenging to retain in a normal Yoga Sculpt hour-long class. It's a Training that all yogis will appreciate and benefit from fruitfully.” - Cornelius Jones Jr.

Cornelius will be leading the Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training this fall in Beverly Hills. The training is held Saturdays & Sundays beginning on Saturday, September 23rd until Sunday, October 25th from 11am - 5pm.

Check your studio’s schedule for a Yoga Sculpt class and try it out! It may just be the strength training practice you need or the amazing energy boost to kick-start your day.