Can You Breathe Easy In A Really Hot Room Full Of People? How Hot 8 Yoga’s Heat Helps You Get A Healthier Practice

The act of breathing lives at the center of any yoga practice.
The rush of fresh oxygen into the bloodstream has the ability to calm our nerves, focus our mind, and ignite our mental and physical endurance. If your practice includes Ujjayi Breath, you’ve experienced the power of fully integrating your breath with your practice. The combination of movement with breath is the essential union that unlocks the life changing abilities of yoga.

When we breathe, we take in the air around us, containing oxygen and other gases that our lungs filter and use to oxygenate our red bloods cells. Those cells travel through our bloodstream to deliver oxygen to where it’s needed in the body. The oxygen is swapped for the carbon dioxide that our body produces during cellular respiration and the same cells carry it back to the lungs to be exhaled during the next breath. The healthy exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is essential during periods of physical exertion, and is why breathing is so crucial to your yoga practice. IMG_2644

But where does all that carbon dioxide go?
It is important to ensure that there is an adequate supply of oxygen wherever you are practicing yoga. At Hot 8 Yoga, we want to give our yogis the best experience possible. We’ve developed a custom, state-of-the-art air filtration system that not only removes unhealthy toxins and bacteria from the air, but also continuously monitors the carbon dioxide levels in the heated room. The system uses an open-loop to filter and purify while adding fresh oxygenated air throughout the practice. When the CO2 monitor (in all of our yoga rooms) detects an unfavorable change in the quality of the air such that too much CO2 has been emitted into the room from all of the yoga participants, it automatically pulls in fresh, filtered air in from the outside. Then adds it to the stream of purified air that gets pumped back into the room, until the levels return to optimal. The system also regulates the humidity levels with purified steam.

Our open-loop filtration system allows us to create the highest quality atmosphere for our yogis to practice in. You can experience every Ujjayi Breath you take with the comfort of knowing that you are breathing in the cleanest air you will breathe all day. That purity allows you to truly detoxify yourself and come out feeling refreshed in a way that no other studio in Los Angeles can leave you feeling.

Ever wonder why you get a headache after an intense yoga class?
We are the only studio in Los Angeles to provide this advanced CO2-filtration method in our practice rooms. Many other yoga studios have begun using Infrared Heat or Radiant Heat as a method of heating their rooms. There is no doubt that Infrared Heat or Radiant Heat is cheaper to install and way easier to maintain, however such heating systems do not allow for any purification of CO2 or addition of fresh air into the yoga room. Here at Hot 8 Yoga we would never use Infrared or Radiant Heating. The heating elements for Infrared Heating are generally just inches above your head with no ability of getting air in from the outside. Imagine what would happen to the level of CO2 in a room if no fresh oxygen was added after the start of the class. Eventually, much of the oxygen will be replaced with CO2 from all of the practitioners breathing heavily and the harmful effects of elevated levels of CO2 will begin. Hypercapnia, also known as hypercarbia and CO2 retention, is a condition of abnormally elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood. According to many sources, symptoms of mild hypercapnia might include headache, confusion and lethargy.

Hypercapnia can induce increased cardiac output, an elevation in arterial blood pressure, and a propensity toward arrhythmias. Hypercapnia may be caused by exposure to environments containing abnormally high concentrations of carbon dioxide, such as a yoga room in which no fresh air is being pumped in during periods of high exertion by rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide. Got a headache after class? It may be a mild level of Hypercapnia.

It’s ironic that most yoga participants are so health conscious, but don’t give a second thought to the room in which they are actually practicing. Want to avoid the unhealthy effects of excessive levels of CO2? Look for better rooms and ask questions. If you don’t see any registers in the room you are practicing in, where can fresh air be coming in from?  

At Hot 8 Yoga, we are always looking for ways to improve your yoga practice. By properly monitoring the oxygen levels in the room, purifying the air of toxins and bacteria, and keeping humidity at optimal levels through your time on the mat, we are delivering something entirely unique. Hot 8 Yoga is spending way more money, time, effort and research on our heating system than our competitors because your health and well-being is our primary concern.


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