Hot Yoga in a Heat Wave

Did you know that practicing in the heat makes you more acclimated to the weather outdoors when there is a heat wave?

It is a common misconception that when September comes, the heat is over- but think again. September is the hottest month in LA and practicing in the heated room helps you to better adjust to the temperatures outdoors!

Here’s a few reasons why:

Practicing Hot Yoga during the summer months can help acclimate you to the season’s heat and humidity. Your body cools itself more efficiently and effectively through sweat.So when you leave the yoga room, the outside air feels cooler than inside! If you practice often enough, you may notice that outside weather doesn’t feel as hot as it used to, that you don’t need your air conditioning as much, and that you don’t mind being outside as much when it’s sweltering.

During a hot yoga practice, you are reinforcing the proper coping tools for handling heat—learning to focus on the breath when things heat up, or to kneel or sit in order to lower your heart rate.

You’ll energize your body and mind: Often the summer months can leave us feeling a bit “fried,” both mentally and physically. We’ve all had days when the heat makes us feel super-sleepy and we can’t be bothered exercising.  Yet we know that Hot Yoga helps energize our bodies and our minds and provides us with so many health benefits. Committing to a strong summer practice will keep you from that sluggish feeling and give you quality time spent focused on yourself.

You’ll detoxify more: If you sweat more during class, you’ll release more toxins. This is great for your internal organs and skin, just remember that with more sweating comes a greater risk of dehydration, so don’t forget to drink lots of water and juicy fruits throughout the day.

So get into a Hot 8 Yoga class to start your 30 Day Challenge and better deal with the heat wave coming to Los Angeles!