Quick Tips for Meditation!

Sometimes meditation can be a little intimidating, we have given you a few helpful tips to help you get into meditation and how to get started!! Making the decision to meditate is half the battle!!

Quick Tips for Meditation:

1. Create a sacred space for yourself, so where ever you may be : cleanse and clear your space by use of crystals, sage, or any other essential oil resin that transmute and elevate all energies!

2. Bring your awareness to your breath, giving the mind something to focus on, and just listen to the subtleties of the body and environment around you ...honor what you feel and what comes up physically and emotionally.

3. Once settled and grounded, visualize a great white light surrounding your entire body, and see that light expanding as far as you can grow it,  inhaling positive vibes, thoughts and intentions and exhaling fear doubt and anything self destructive!

Meditation has become a major part of not only my practice but a daily routine in my life! It keeps me grounded in reality, present within my feelings and emotions and clear of mind! Meditation for me has been an active form of self discovery, self healing and powerful transformation! Increasing intuition, regulating the emotional body and the purging of traumas deep within the subconscious are all the things I've gain from my meditation practice and journey!

Next Monday, September 11th is Meditation Monday!! When you take a meditation class at any Hot 8 Yoga, you get a free guest pass. See you there. 

-Antwan Thomas
Teacher and avid Meditator