How Heat Helps Reach Your Potential!

I’m always interested in ways to maximize my efforts, relationships and goals in my daily life and Hot Yoga has proven time and time again to help me in achieving so many more things than I anticipated!

It can sometimes be daunting to step into a hot room, and halfway through class you wonder, “why did I show up in the first place?” I know, I’m not talking to YOU, but . . .

Here are 5 very simple reasons why practicing in the heat will help you reach your fullest potential off the mat and in the world:

1. Hot Yoga Relieves Stress- Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this before. But REALLY, it relieves stress. It is proven that practicing in a hot room gets you a  better night of sleep, lower blood pressure and also lowered cholesterol levels. With the unavoidable stress factors in daily life it’s IMPERATIVE to manage your stress levels in order to accomplish your goals.
2. Teaches Mindfulness- A 60-to 90-minute yoga session can provide a nice detachment from disruptive technology, meetings and responsibilities and allow you to focus on yourself so that you can begin to move more mindfully in the rest of your life. This allows us to take control of our lives OFF of the mat.
3. Detox for REAL- You will sweat more in a Hot 8 Yoga class than in any other regular workout. According to this  LIVESTRONG article, a yogi can lose 1-3 pounds of water weight per class. The internal detoxification benefits range from flushing of the kidneys and liver which will help increase your metabolism to burning fat more effectively and helping to clear your skin- the largest organ in the body. YES PLEASE!
4. Improves Endurance- No one knows endurance better than professional athletes, and we are seeing more top notch athletes such as LeBron James (NBA Cleveland Cavaliers) and Russell Wilson (NFL Seattle Seahawks) practice in the heat to improve their endurance. Hot Yoga teaches you to keep working hard and push through for a sense of completion and success!
5. Gives You a Sense of Balance-  I have learned through a regular yoga practice that balance is key. And balance can mean going from complete effort to complete relaxation or knowing when to push versus allowing the ego to release and just enjoy Savasana. This lesson will give you more insight when you deal with challenging scenarios outside of the classroom. Balance is KEY!!
Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.- Jana Kingsford

Get yourself into a Hot 8 Yoga class this week to achieve all that you are capable of doing!!
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