5 Reasons You Should Take A Sound Bath Class

Yin yoga is different than others styles of yoga because it is a bit more passive and focuses on the health of our connective tissues and joints. The nature of Yin is slow-paced, and sometimes restorative, which allows insight into how energy moves throughout our body. Practicing Yin helps to open energy channels, lessening stagnation and irregularities of our natural bodily functions. 

I personally think the practice is underrated and sometimes overlooked, but also essential to balance all of the yang-style exercises we're so used to. Yin not only helps to tone and strengthen the fascial webbing that supports healthy movement, but also brings vitality back to our biological functions. 

The only thing that could possibly make Yin anymore delicious is the mindful incorporation of Sound Healing: the ancient art of using vibration to shift the body's frequency into a state of optimal health. 
Never been to a sound bath? I asked musician Jeff, who plays the gong and crystal bowl for Hot 8 Yoga Yin and Sound Bath, to provide a bit more insight on the healing properties of sound and why we include it in our Yin practice at Hot 8.

1. Why attend a sound bath? Jeff: The vibrations that are created can do things for your body and your chakras that, not necessarily a yoga class won't help to work through, but that's a different way of working through blockages in energy, in motion or physical ability.

2. What are some of the benefits of a sound bath? Jeff: A sound bath can help to promote deep relaxation. The vibrations that I create in a sound bath can enter the body and move energy around. Sound frequencies can heal your body at the cellular level, redirecting the life force in the body, bringing a sense of ease and calmness.

3. Do you find that you're able to release more during a sound bath? Jeff: I don't know that you release more than you would from a physical practice, but it's a different kind of release. The vibration of sound can help to release emotionally and physically, but when paired with a physical practice, there's the added benefit of a mental release as well. 

4. If I've never taken a Yin and Sound Bath class, what can I expect? Jeff: During this class, we partner movement with sound so that they work together in harmony. The sound enhances relaxation in each pose, and each pose opens us to receive sound, which amplifies the benefits of both. During class you'll be mostly on your mat, not standing, and the teacher will guide you through a physical practice with props and modifications, that is accompanied by sound from the gongs and crystal bowls.

5. What is a "normal" feeling to have after class? Jeff: A deep sense of relaxation, both mentally and physically; not sleepy, but ready to go home and enjoy winding down peacefully. You will feel soothed and free of emotional and physically blockages that you may have been experiencing prior to class. 

Check out Rae Brauer @namaste.rae who teaches Yin and Sound Bath with Jeff Grant every Monday in Pasadena and other Hot 8 Yoga studios Sound Bath schedule HERE!