Foundations at A Studio Near You!

I'm Eddy, and I teach Foundations in Pasadena! 

Coming to a foundations workshop at Hot 8 is a great way to deepen one's understanding of the practice in a safe, non-heated room, where most of the time is spent breaking down the philosophy behind the poses (asanas). 

Learning about Patanjali and his sutras, which is what all of yoga is based on is, will help the student realize that this practice that is taking the west by storm now has actually been studied for over 5000 years in the East.

Breaking down "The Eight Limbed Yogic Path", which is where the 8 in Hot8 comes from, helps establish a linear time line to Samadhi (enlightenment).

Once we get through the Yamas and Niyamas, one will have a better understanding on how to take this practice of yoga off of one's mat and into the real world where all the philosophy can have a profound effect on the way one decides to interact with life's obstacles or lack thereof.

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