Make Your Resolution Stick

Make Your Resolution Stick

People making New Years Resolutions fall into three categories:

1.    Not interested in making changes.

2.    Contemplating making changes

3.    Let’s do this!! I’m ready to make a change.

From the people that were ready to commit to making a change for the New Year, 71% remained successful after week 1 and 2 of the New Year and 46% remained successful after 6 months. Based on this study, this means that the group of people that committed to make a change at the turn of the year were 10 times more successful that the people that may have put it off for another time.

With every new year comes new resolutions of losing weight and getting on that long put off new diet. Then comes the hard core weight lifting, running, HIIT (etc.) until you drop. While all of the previously mentioned workouts are absolutely great for losing weight, did you ever notice if you were stressing out about actually getting these workouts in? Stressing out about eating the right foods, about not knowing what the right foods? Just stressing out about stressing out?!

This is where yoga comes in. Think of it almost like a domino effect. According to the researchers of National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Yoga reduces chronic and acute anxiety and increases brain cells in the regions that regulates stress, increase focus and promotes self-awareness. High cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are the known culprit for weight gain especially in the lower abdomen. So what does all that translate to? Yoga decreases symptoms of depression and stress which helps you to lose weight and keep it off. It increases your happy hormones and studies show that the happier you are, the more active you are. The more active you are the more you tend to make fewer poor choices in your eating habits. Being physically aware of your body naturally improves your posture which brings more strength in your core; the center of your strength.

See how it all connects? Now that your body is active and you are happy, and you will start to notice the changing of your sleep patterns. We have all had those nights when your mind just won’t turn off and you toss and turn throughout the night. With the practice of Yoga, your mind, body and breath will be put at ease and you can sleep through the night.

Begin your New Year and yoga practice with an open heart and mind. Feel your mind expand. See your body change, grow stronger and find resolve one breathe at a time.

Learn from the past, point to a new you and say, “That’s where I want to be.”

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5 Postures to Relieve Stress this Holiday Season!

Holiday Stress is REAL!! Here are a few great postures to help you de-stress and stay grounded during the holidays so that you can be your best this holiday season!!


Take a Yin class at any Hot 8 Yoga and you’ll see a few of these too!


Legs Up The Wall Variation:


-    Purpose: To help release the low back and hamstrings. Open the heart.

-    You can use two blocks or stack two or three pillows underneath your sacrum. Make sure your sacrum is supported whatever you use.

-    Props should be 3-4 inches away from the wall and your seat should drop in between the wall and your props. Allow your legs to rest against wall. If you are practicing this pose without blocks or props, press your seat all the way against the wall.

-    If you’ve been running around prepping for the holidays and your back is tight, this pose is for you!


Supported Heart Opener/Shoulder Opener:


-    Purpose: To open your heart and your shoulders.

-    Place two blocks on the ground, same height. One is underneath the bottom most point of your shoulder blades, and right underneath the base of your skull. You may also use supportive pillows.

-    Start with your knees bent, feet to the ground, and rest back onto your props.

-    Extend your arms overheard grab for opposite elbow tips, or rest your arms in a cactus position. Pull your elbows down to the earth.

-    Settle into the pose and try not to move. To remove yourself safely, roll to one side.

-    This is a great posture if tension manifests in your shoulders or neck, or if you find yourself feeling anxious.


Supported Ragdoll Pose:


- Purpose: To relieve lower back pain & to stretch the hamstrings.

-    Press your seat and your heels up against the wall from a standing position.

-    Hinge from the waist and fold over. Allow the backs of your legs to rest against the wall, bend your knees as much as you need to.

-    Walk your hands back towards the wall and relax your neck, shoulders, and head.

-    Have you been running around doing some last minute shopping? This pose will relieve your tired legs!


Half-Tortoise Pose:


-    Purpose: To increase cerebral blood flow and help relieve a stiff neck.

-    Sit down on the ground, your seat will be connected with your heels.

-    Bring your palms together over your head and being to hinge at the waist until your pinkies and forehead are touching the ground.

-    Rest your hips back into your heels.

-    Having trouble sleeping because there’s so much to do tomorrow? This pose helps with insomnia!




-    Purpose: Promotes deep relaxation.

-    Begin by lying down on your back, legs separated and arms beside you.

-    Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

-    Sometimes you need a moment to regroup. Use this pose to mediate and breath.