We Do It All For You!

Why did we choose the credo “Hottest. Cleanest. Most Connected”? We chose it show all of you how important these three aspects are when creating a safe yoga environment for all of you!
Making sure we use only the healthiest heating system to ensure you can practice with ease of mind. We want you to never worry that you could be potentially harming your body while doing something so scared and good for your body. By monitoring C02 levels, pumping in humidity and not using infrared heat we are able to give you the safest yoga practice you can get.
We also aspire to give you the cleanest yoga experience as well. By using healthy heat and antimicrobial floors you don’t have to worry about breathing in everyone else’s sweaty toxins. Our staff works hard to make sure our facilities our clean and you never have to worry about anything before or after your yoga practice.
But without the ability to connect with all of you we wouldn’t be able to share with you the two things above.  We love getting to be there for you along your journey and making sure it’s the best one you’ve ever had.

The Most Connected Yoga Studio in LA!

At Hot 8 Yoga we strive to be the most connected with all our clients and staff!
How do we do that you ask?

  • It goes beyond the yoga studio- connecting with our clients doesn’t just happen at the front desk or in the studio. We focus on creating genuine connections with everyone after class!

  • Monthly Events- Events like Wine Fridays and Champagne Saturdays are not only how we as employees get to connect with our clients but also how clients get to meet each other!

  • We Invest in Our Students- Our teachers strive to help our students grow in their practice and encourage them everyday to be their best!

It’s our goal as a yoga community to connect with all of you and to create a warm and welcoming environment!

What Makes Us the Cleanest Yoga Studio in LA!

  1. Our heating system- We use germicidal ultraviolet light rays that elimate and destroy: bacteria, odor, mold and mildew and other airborne pollutions.  By pumping in clean air we are helping prevent colds, flus, and headaches.
  2. Our Flooring - Our use of porous and antimicrobial flooring allows moisture to flow through footing surface eliminating standing water, which means no slipping. The antimicrobial formula guards against the growth of mildew, fungi and bacteria!
  3. Our Staff- Our staff works hard to make sure every studio is clean and safe at all times.



Why We Strive to be the Hottest and Safest Yoga Studio in LA!

Practicing in the heat has so many amazing benefits but practicing in right kind of heat is the most important!
Why is our heat the best you ask?
Our studios use forced hot air, which has been humidified, disinfected for germs and is constantly being monitored for increased levels of CO2 (See our previous articles on CO2, Humidity & how we keep our studio germ-free). We do not use infrared light to heat any of our facilities and deliberately chose forced air heating using natural gas because we went through great lengths to deliver on our promise of creating a place of community that promotes health, mindfulness, and order that is accessible to all. Using infrared light in our studio would compromise our commitment to ensuring a healthy, positive atmosphere and the idea of practicing in anything like a microwave oven seemed counter to our purpose.
We have made every effort to care for the health of our yogis by ensuring that the air quality in the studios is well oxygenated, properly humidified and disinfected from harmful germs. 

Many other power yoga studios and hot yoga studios lack the special equipment needed to maintain the air quality in their studios within a healthy range. 

How our heat can help you in your daily life?
Improve Creativity- practicing in the heat promotes the productions of new brain cells and strengthens the connection between them.
Burn more fat- as your body works to regulate its core temperature during hot yoga, your metabolism increases, allowing you to burn fat more effectively in the room.
Sleep Better- the heat stimulates your body’s release of serotonin to not only improve your mood but to regulate your body’s core temperature and sleep cycles.
Improve your skin and detox your body- sweating opens up the pores on your skin, releasing bacteria and dirt that lead to blemishes, while also removing your system of toxins.

3 Ways to Keep Your Yoga Habit After the 30-Day Challenge

You've made it this far why not keep going! 

1.    Don’t Skip Class the Next Day- Keep going after day 30 so you don’t lose the momentum you created the past 30 days
2.    Set a New Goal for the Following Month- Set a new goal for the month of October to keep yourself motivated
3.    Create Your Own Sticker System at Home- Put up a small calendar where you can put stickers up everyday you take class for a little reward


Congratulations on all the hard work all of you have put in these past 30 days!

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How To Create The Habit Of Yoga With The 30-Day Challenge

1. Commit to the whole 30 Days! -  Off the bat tell yourself you're going to commit to the whole 30 days. 
2. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint – Start simple and had variety throughout the week! Try not to take only sculpt or power. Add variety to keep it interesting and so you don’t burn yourself out!
3. Get a Buddy- Friends keep each other motivated
4. Form a Ritual - You know those fun stickers we give you to put next to your name? It helps create a ritual, which helps create a habit! The sticker tells you “job well done! You finished a class”
5. Write about it- Try and write about how every week during the challenge goes. It will keep you motivated and it’s a great way close of every week!
6. Have Fun- Most importantly have fun! Yes, it’s called a challenge but it’s meant to be fun and a great way to create a habit of you!
The whole goal of our 30- Day Challenges is to help you create a strong habit of yoga!


How Teacher Training Can Help Build New Habits!

If you do a 60-hour or a 200-hour teacher training both are great ways to start the habit of consistent yoga!
1. You already have a set schedule for a few weeks which makes it easier to continue to stick to that schedule once training is over
2. You are already required to take 2 classes a week! Once training is over keep that momentum going and continue to take a class at least twice a week.
3. It helps build healthy habits. Teacher training helps create healthy eating habits, healthy meditation practice along with healthy new friendships.
 It takes 26 days to create a habitual pattern of a consistent yoga practice. In yoga, we call habitual patterns samskara and by constantly challenging your habitual patterns the training as a whole helps you create any new ritual in your life.

My 30 Day Challenge Experience

It’s almost time for another 30 Day Challenge! This is one of my favorite times in our studio. As soon as we put the boards up, everyone starts getting excited! Our last 30 Day Challenge in May was the first one I was able to complete, and it was definitely an experience! I thought it was going to be a breeze - I take class all the time, how hard could it be? Some days yes, it was easy, but there were a handful of days where the Challenge sure lived up to its name! By the end of the month when my name had 30 stickers next to it on the board, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. (Who knew stickers would be such an incentive as an adult!) Throughout the month I gained strength, felt fitter and in shape, and achieved better mental and emotional clarity. I also pushed myself to take classes that I don’t normally take as often, which expanded my practice in all directions quickly. But my favorite part of the Challenge is how we all experience it as a studio together and cheer each other on throughout the month.


I encourage everyone to make this Challenge their own. Going out of town the last ten days of the month? Do a 20 Day Challenge! Like to take it easy on the weekends? Do a Monday - Friday Challenge, and consider popping into Foundations on Saturday afternoons! (Those count for two classes, you’d get to 30 in no time!) Too busy to come in every day? Push yourself to try some new classes instead, maybe go for getting all nine class types over the course of the month! (Mark your progress on your punch card and earn a free class!) It’s not necessarily about getting to class every single day, it’s about gaining the most from your practice in your own way and seeing how it affects your life. Get your name up on the board, and I will see you on the mat!


 -Lyndy McGrody, Pasadena Front Desk

How Teacher Training Changed My Life!

When I signed up for Sculpt Teacher Training back in February I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I could ever teach a class! My yoga knowledge was minimal and I was still new to hot yoga but a fellow Hot 8 employee had encouraged me to do it. 
The four weekends flew by so fast but they were some of the best four weekends of my life. I met so many amazing people and created new friendships that still mean so much to me.  It was once I started teaching classes that I found this new level of confidence in myself and also found a whole new passion in life.  There is something about leading people in a crazy hot workout that connects everyone on a whole new level. 
I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to do the sculpt teacher training and being able to learn so much from Devon and Cindy. I will be continuing my training next month with our 200-hour Power Teacher Training and I couldn’t be more excited!
If you’re thinking of doing any type of teacher training just bit the bullet and do it! It will change your life!