The Benefits of a 300 Hour Teacher Training - Meet Rebekah!

Interested in continuing your education?

This 300 hour Yoga Alliance certified training is designed for those who thirst to immerse themselves in a uniquely different teacher training experience.  This training is one that dives into the importance of self-discovery, the mythology at the heart of yoga, and strengthens your understanding of the anatomy of both the physical and energetic body. Additionally, you will gain the tools to safely sequence creative classes and dive into the modern business of yoga.  With guest speakers and uniquely different workshops, this is a training that will give you the tools needed to support the growth and expansion of your teaching career. 


This immersive experience is broken up into 6 modules, each with a different focus.  The curriculum builds upon itself and is meant to be taken sequentially, however, the modules do stand alone and can be taken individually.


*Please Note: You will only be eligible for the Yoga Alliance 300-hour certification upon completion of all 6 modules.


Sample Day 


Opening Sadhana



Teaching Practicum 



Q & A

Closing Sadhana


*Schedule varies per module and is subject to changes



Why this 300 hour? This training has been lovingly curated by your instructor, Rebekah, with your personal growth in mind.  It combines much of what she has found valuable in various trainings over the course of her journey. Rebekah created the 300 hour training she wishes she could have found. The workshops are unique, exciting and meant to awaken your hunger for knowledge, passion for teaching, and desire for life.  You’ll be encouraged to create your own unique rituals and tap into your creativity while adding depth and expertise to your teachings. Additionally, you will be given the space to begin weaving your discoveries into your teachings with the support and feedback needed to nourish your growth. 



With a deep compassion for her practice and community, Rebekah’s classes are vibrant and playful, giving students the opportunity to push their limits and discover possibilities. She strives to make every yoga class unique and individual on a physical, mental and emotional level. Her classes carry the energy of vinyasa flow, while emphasizing the principles of functional body alignment. In her personal life, whether Rebekah is chasing after her little muse, diving into laughter with a friend, exploring possibilities on her own mat, reading, listening to music or perfecting the art of “meditation driving” in LA, she always looks for an opportunity to find balance and a way to connect with her environment. She believes all things in life create an opportunity to express our authenticity, and she strives to explore this reality with her students. A forever student of yoga, Rebekah has studied with a wide variety of teachers. When asked what style of yoga she teaches, her response is “Pirate Yoga, I keep what I like and ditch the rest”.


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10 Tips for Sticking With Your 30 Day Challenge!  


1.     Drink lots of water!


Make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout your day! It is never a bad habit to adopt, and it will help you stay energized throughout the challenge. Especially as the weather outside warms up.


2. Mix it up!


Do you normally take the same classes from the same teachers? Maybe try mixing up your classes! Try something you haven’t before. You might even find some new favorites along the way. Take a lot of Barre? Try Yin! Take a lot of 26&2? Try Power! 


3. Nourish your body in the right way


Healthy meals will help support all of the hard work you’re putting in this month! Find foods rich in protein and nutrients.


4. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


There will be some days where you don’t want to come to class and that’s OKAY! Sometimes the hardest part of the challenge is getting yourself to the studio. But know once you do, you’ll be happy you did!


5. Set up a reward for yourself


Have you been eyeing those shiny new yoga pants? Or maybe looking to treat yourself to a new yoga mat? Reward yourself after you complete the challenge! You’ll have something to work towards. 


6. Plan your classes ahead of time


If you have a crazy busy schedule, it might be a good idea to sit down and plan your yoga classes ahead of time. You can register for each class but downloading our app from the app store! It can also help you see and manage the classes you’ve already taken.


7. Document your journey!


Did you know we have an Instagram challenge? Document your journey every day on Instagram, tag @hot8yoga, and use the hashtag #30DayStr8, for a chance to win a free teacher training!


8. Foundations every weekend


Want to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga while on your 30 Day Challenge journey? We have Foundations Workshops every weekend at our studios and they count as two classes in your 30 Day Challenge! Check your studio for times and dates.


9. Double up if you have to!


If you have to miss a day of class - we get it, it happens! - double up the next day.


10. Bring your friends!


Yoga is better with friends! Bring your friends along to class with you. This is a great way to stay motivated and have fun. Plus, for every person you bring in for a Free Week - you receive $8 credit on your account!


Congrats on making this decision to do 30 Days of Yoga! Good Luck!