My 300 Hour Teacher Training Experience!


Honestly, I was nervous about signing up for the 300 hour teacher training! I have been practicing yoga for years, but until fairly recently had solely been focusing on the asanas (postures)- not the 7 other limbs - and I thought this would be too heady and advanced for me. But Rebekah makes everything accessible and in just this first module I was so well guided to develop my own home Sadhana (specific type of meditation) and inspired to deepen this dive into these truly awesome traditions. 


Each day we would begin by setting up the room: Sage, preparing our altar, a welcome to our community - and then Rebekah would lead us through Sadhana, covering the ideas and philosophy we would go over later, followed by an Asana practice that incorporated these ideas and let our bodies stretch and strengthen in creative flows (as she is known to provide!). We’d break for lunch then gather for a lecture, reviewing the things we had just been allowed to explore in our meditations so they felt more real, more rooted and available somehow. We ended with questions; this way training feels very unique and lovely! 


We also had a a couple of field trips that I wasn’t able to make it to due to work, but they sounded incredible - I’ll definitely block out time for them on the next module - a fascinating guest lecturer, Lorin Roche, and a cleansing closing ceremony at the beach. 


I can’t wait to continue on this journey!

- Melissa Mooney

The Yoga Vibe Experience


Yoga Vibe is an opportunity to explore a power flow through breath, movement and music. Vibe allows the practitioner to journey into a new space, a place you can look forward to, while tapping into the rhythmic flow designed to heighten the yogi’s experience.


Every time I take a Yoga Vibe class, I am stepping away from reality and into a completely transformed space. Through Vibe, I learned to connect movement to breath, which helped me in all aspects of yoga and life. The class incorporates candles, soulful sounds, endurance and balance while igniting the community through challenging tempos. As a dancer, I was drawn to Vibe’s ability to create a continuous flow of movement and a blend of the world of yoga and the movement style of dance. Teachers inspired me to conquer challenges on the mat, push harder, explore deeper and move bigger. I found this began to open my mind to new possibilities on and off the mat.


If you ask me, “why vibe?”: The Community. As a Vibe teacher, I can see students use the energy of the room to keep moving and even explore new things. Vibe becomes an experience unlike other styles when the whole room of yogis dives in head first, its very energizing.


Teacher Training at Hot 8 Yoga was an experience that changed my life.

Yoga Vibe Teacher Training helped me learn to shape my space, create movement and music connection, and continue to offer a unique experience to other yogis.  An incredible group of yogis, paired with the teachings and guidance of Omar, gave me the gift of growing as a student and teacher.


In Vibe, I hope to create a transformation of the space, help students learn to connect movement to breath, conquer challenges on the mat, push harder, explore deeper and move bigger on the mat - Hope you come Vibe with me!





Check me out for Vibe and Barre at Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena


5 reasons to try Yoga on Demand while on Vacation!


1.     It’s a great way to relax and distress- Try our yin class on demand to add a little something to a relaxing vacation!

2.     So you don’t lose your practice- Coming back to yoga after a few weeks of vacation can be tough! Continue your practice while on vacation so its like you never left!

3.     Keep your body happy- We all know while on vacation you can indulge a little! Use yoga as a way to keep everything regulated and feeling happy!

4.     Fight any sickness- Plane rides can sometimes do a number on your immune system! Use yoga as a way to fight off unwanted colds and flus!

5.     Its fun- Let’s be real yoga is fun and we don’t want you to have to miss while on vacation!



You can access our Yoga on Demand through our  Simply put in your email and if you’re a member its free!