5 reasons to try Yoga on Demand while on Vacation!


1.     It’s a great way to relax and distress- Try our yin class on demand to add a little something to a relaxing vacation!

2.     So you don’t lose your practice- Coming back to yoga after a few weeks of vacation can be tough! Continue your practice while on vacation so its like you never left!

3.     Keep your body happy- We all know while on vacation you can indulge a little! Use yoga as a way to keep everything regulated and feeling happy!

4.     Fight any sickness- Plane rides can sometimes do a number on your immune system! Use yoga as a way to fight off unwanted colds and flus!

5.     Its fun- Let’s be real yoga is fun and we don’t want you to have to miss while on vacation!



You can access our Yoga on Demand through our Hot8Yoga.com  Simply put in your email and if you’re a member its free!


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