My 30 Day Challenge Experience

It’s almost time for another 30 Day Challenge! This is one of my favorite times in our studio. As soon as we put the boards up, everyone starts getting excited! Our last 30 Day Challenge in May was the first one I was able to complete, and it was definitely an experience! I thought it was going to be a breeze - I take class all the time, how hard could it be? Some days yes, it was easy, but there were a handful of days where the Challenge sure lived up to its name! By the end of the month when my name had 30 stickers next to it on the board, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. (Who knew stickers would be such an incentive as an adult!) Throughout the month I gained strength, felt fitter and in shape, and achieved better mental and emotional clarity. I also pushed myself to take classes that I don’t normally take as often, which expanded my practice in all directions quickly. But my favorite part of the Challenge is how we all experience it as a studio together and cheer each other on throughout the month.


I encourage everyone to make this Challenge their own. Going out of town the last ten days of the month? Do a 20 Day Challenge! Like to take it easy on the weekends? Do a Monday - Friday Challenge, and consider popping into Foundations on Saturday afternoons! (Those count for two classes, you’d get to 30 in no time!) Too busy to come in every day? Push yourself to try some new classes instead, maybe go for getting all nine class types over the course of the month! (Mark your progress on your punch card and earn a free class!) It’s not necessarily about getting to class every single day, it’s about gaining the most from your practice in your own way and seeing how it affects your life. Get your name up on the board, and I will see you on the mat!


 -Lyndy McGrody, Pasadena Front Desk

How Teacher Training Changed My Life!

When I signed up for Sculpt Teacher Training back in February I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I could ever teach a class! My yoga knowledge was minimal and I was still new to hot yoga but a fellow Hot 8 employee had encouraged me to do it. 
The four weekends flew by so fast but they were some of the best four weekends of my life. I met so many amazing people and created new friendships that still mean so much to me.  It was once I started teaching classes that I found this new level of confidence in myself and also found a whole new passion in life.  There is something about leading people in a crazy hot workout that connects everyone on a whole new level. 
I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to do the sculpt teacher training and being able to learn so much from Devon and Cindy. I will be continuing my training next month with our 200-hour Power Teacher Training and I couldn’t be more excited!
If you’re thinking of doing any type of teacher training just bit the bullet and do it! It will change your life!



How to Make 30 Classes in 30 Days Possible!

30 hot yoga classes in 30 days may seem like a giant feat but trust us you can do it!
How do you ask?
1.    Do it with a buddy- friends are the best to do yoga with!
2.    Take Foundations- these count as two classes and are every Saturday during September!
3.    Yoga on Demand- can’t make into the studio one day for your favorite class. Use our Yoga on Demand service and it counts towards a class!
4.    Stay Hydrated- this one is a big one! Drink all the water!

30 Things You'll Need and Use for the 30 Day Challenge

30 things you’ll Need and Use for the 30 Day Challenge!
1.   Goals!
2.   Water
3.   Buddies – its more fun that way!
4.   Treat Yo Self - New yoga gear
5.   Calendar – plan your classes
6.   Snacks - Fuel your body!
7.   Positive attitude
8.   Support- our front desk is always here for you
9.   Instagram – join in the fun! @hot8yoga
10. Mat
11. Towel
12. Smiles – it's fun!
13. Hair ties/ headband
14. Laundry detergent – we get sweaty!
15. Real Salt – the key to success
16. Stickers – track your goals
17. Deodorant
18. Showers – lots of them
19. Weights
20. Iso Balls
21. Strap
22. Hot 8 App – stay accountable
23. Motivation
24. Stamp Card- try all class styles
25. Meditation
26. Yin – A must!
27. Water bottle
28. Good nights sleep- get those ZZZs
29. Awesome playlists – you know we got those
30. Blocks