3 Ways to Keep Your Yoga Habit After the 30-Day Challenge

You've made it this far why not keep going! 

1.    Don’t Skip Class the Next Day- Keep going after day 30 so you don’t lose the momentum you created the past 30 days
2.    Set a New Goal for the Following Month- Set a new goal for the month of October to keep yourself motivated
3.    Create Your Own Sticker System at Home- Put up a small calendar where you can put stickers up everyday you take class for a little reward


Congratulations on all the hard work all of you have put in these past 30 days!

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How To Create The Habit Of Yoga With The 30-Day Challenge

1. Commit to the whole 30 Days! -  Off the bat tell yourself you're going to commit to the whole 30 days. 
2. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint – Start simple and had variety throughout the week! Try not to take only sculpt or power. Add variety to keep it interesting and so you don’t burn yourself out!
3. Get a Buddy- Friends keep each other motivated
4. Form a Ritual - You know those fun stickers we give you to put next to your name? It helps create a ritual, which helps create a habit! The sticker tells you “job well done! You finished a class”
5. Write about it- Try and write about how every week during the challenge goes. It will keep you motivated and it’s a great way close of every week!
6. Have Fun- Most importantly have fun! Yes, it’s called a challenge but it’s meant to be fun and a great way to create a habit of you!
The whole goal of our 30- Day Challenges is to help you create a strong habit of yoga!


How Teacher Training Can Help Build New Habits!

If you do a 60-hour or a 200-hour teacher training both are great ways to start the habit of consistent yoga!
1. You already have a set schedule for a few weeks which makes it easier to continue to stick to that schedule once training is over
2. You are already required to take 2 classes a week! Once training is over keep that momentum going and continue to take a class at least twice a week.
3. It helps build healthy habits. Teacher training helps create healthy eating habits, healthy meditation practice along with healthy new friendships.
 It takes 26 days to create a habitual pattern of a consistent yoga practice. In yoga, we call habitual patterns samskara and by constantly challenging your habitual patterns the training as a whole helps you create any new ritual in your life.