Why We Strive to be the Hottest and Safest Yoga Studio in LA!

Practicing in the heat has so many amazing benefits but practicing in right kind of heat is the most important!
Why is our heat the best you ask?
Our studios use forced hot air, which has been humidified, disinfected for germs and is constantly being monitored for increased levels of CO2 (See our previous articles on CO2, Humidity & how we keep our studio germ-free). We do not use infrared light to heat any of our facilities and deliberately chose forced air heating using natural gas because we went through great lengths to deliver on our promise of creating a place of community that promotes health, mindfulness, and order that is accessible to all. Using infrared light in our studio would compromise our commitment to ensuring a healthy, positive atmosphere and the idea of practicing in anything like a microwave oven seemed counter to our purpose.
We have made every effort to care for the health of our yogis by ensuring that the air quality in the studios is well oxygenated, properly humidified and disinfected from harmful germs. 

Many other power yoga studios and hot yoga studios lack the special equipment needed to maintain the air quality in their studios within a healthy range. 

How our heat can help you in your daily life?
Improve Creativity- practicing in the heat promotes the productions of new brain cells and strengthens the connection between them.
Burn more fat- as your body works to regulate its core temperature during hot yoga, your metabolism increases, allowing you to burn fat more effectively in the room.
Sleep Better- the heat stimulates your body’s release of serotonin to not only improve your mood but to regulate your body’s core temperature and sleep cycles.
Improve your skin and detox your body- sweating opens up the pores on your skin, releasing bacteria and dirt that lead to blemishes, while also removing your system of toxins.


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