Yoga Barre - A Yoga High & Lifted Booty

Before coming to Hot 8, I was jumping from LivingSocial to Groupon fitness deal. I just couldn't find any place that was worth the regular membership price. When I first started at Hot 8, I thought I would only be there for the intro month deal. However, through those first 30 days, I found that I was in the best state of being than I had been in a long time. With the stresses of a 50+ hour work week and various other activities, Hot 8 had become my sanctuary to escape from it all. Through my practice, I became more positive, the quality of my work got better, and I was just all around happy. Finally I found a place that had amazing teachers, a great community, and made me commit to bettering myself. Yoga barre quickly became one of my favorite classes as it would kick my butt yet give me a sense of calm. After a couple of months of my yoga high and lifted booty, I knew that I had to find a way to spread the benefits to others. When I saw the flyer for teacher training I decided to take a leap and go for it! Doing yoga barre teacher training was one of the best decisions I ever made. Yes, 4 weekends of Saturday/Sunday 12pm-6pm was tough but the benefits made it beyond worth it. I not only lost 4 pounds, but I gained heaps of confidence, more flexibility, knowledge of how the body works, and 10 amazingly beautiful new friends. Next up, I’ll be teaching community classes (only $8!) for the remaining Saturdays in February at 12:00pm and after that who knows!? The possibilities are endless! - Michelle Nguyen