Yoga is deep, life-changing and absolutely can be fun!

Dev RiceAfter what seems like a lifetime of on-and-off practice, I made a commitment to go deeper and signed up for my first 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I chose Hot/Power Fusion with Deanna Ainsworth in the Spring of 2103, as I had been taking the class regularly and really loved the set sequence. I believe there is power in a set-sequence class. It allows the mind to move away from "what's coming next" to a true focus on listening to the teacher and proper alignment. It also challenges us to examine what is going on in our daily lives and to pay attention to any actions that may be causing a difference within our set practice. For instance, for three weeks a student may be balancing like a pro but then, one day, they can't stick Standing Bow to save their lives. I love when this happens to me as it serves as a reminder that just when we think that we have it all together or that we are the "best" at something, an unexpected potential challenge will present itself. The lesson for me in these types of situations is that we can always get better, that we can always cultivate awareness through a strong set-sequence that allows us to measure the subtle energy shifts and changes that occur in our daily lives. Challenges will always present themselves and they should. They make us stronger, smarter and more compassionate. The good news is that as long as we continue to show up on the mat, we'll be able to observe them, contemplate them and understand them as they show up in our practice, before sending them away. A strong set-sequence practice serves as a barometer to these challenges while allowing us to deepen our practice in so many ways. It's something I share when teaching Hot Power Fusion at Hot 8 Yoga. Yoga is deep, life-changing and absolutely can be fun! - Dev Rice, Hot Power Fusion Teacher Training Graduate