Gr8 Core - The Ultimate Ab Experience

I often hear, "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible." My response is: "That's why you do yoga!" And now introducing Gr8 Core, I get, "I can't do abs because I don't have them." And again, that's why you take an ab class! If you don't have abs or do, any and everyone, can benefit from The Ultimate Ab Experience. This master class is for everyone: the advanced & the novice, the veteran & the rookie. Begin your practice expanding on what you already know, want to know, and want more of. We start with a brief fundamental & important overview of the anatomical structure of the physical body, its abdominal walls, and then we move! Be prepared to sweat, tone, and sculpt. As we flow get informed of the actual abdominal muscles we are building on and fat burning. In most of my classes we party through at 100%, and for some it’s what they love & need, and some it’s what they love to achieve but can seem so fast. So this is the class to ask questions about alignment, technique and form. As about modifications with or without assisted blocks, straps, and foam rollers; and routines you might have missed in past classes with me. Challenge Yourself. Stretch Yourself. Express Yourself & Grow...GO! - Brit Middleton