Why I Love Hot Yoga

I started teaching Hot Yoga 17 years ago which began a lifelong journey for healing. Hot Yoga was the first introduction to being present in my body with single pointed awareness. Standing on one leg and holding the other foot in a hot room gives no room for reflecting on the past or worrying about the future. Hot Yoga was a doorway into meditation. The heat and postures demand concentration which is the first step to meditation. Yes, Hot Yoga will tone, strengthen and increase flexibility but the most dramatic life changing aspect of the practice is the effect on the mind. Yoga gives us the space to create a choice in how we respond to life. Within that gap is pure potential. A recent student captures the ability to tune in and connect to that inner knowledge that brings us back to our natural state: “…After participating in my first class today since 2009, I can testify that the BENEFITS REAPED ARE IMMEDIATE. Yes, I wanted to faint towards the end of the 1-hr session, but I kept breathing & pushed thru the discomfort & heat. So glad I did! Why pray tell?! Because the last 3 weeks I've felt lymphedema kicking in. I am a breast cancer survivor (6 months cancer-free)! I had 3 lymph nodes removed from under my armpit to prevent the cancer from spreading and was forewarned that for the rest of my life I have to be mindful of lymphedema. Google it... the symptoms are not cute. Imagine my arm/hand swelling to the size of a football. I'm not one to sit around and wait for someone to tell me what to do instead I signed up for HOT 8 YOGA knowing full well my body was in need of purification. Can I tell you I walked out of that yoga studio 6 hrs ago with my hand back to normal, swelling gone and the pain significantly reduced. Wow! I'm sitting in bed staring and comparing my hands now in awe of the beauty that is natural therapies. No drugs, just exercise and buckets of sweat. So proud of myself for listening to my 6th sense. If you or someone you know is in need of a new remedy I highly recommend Hot 8 Yoga!” - Milly B. With deep gratitude for all the teachers who share this healing practice and the students that keep it alive by stepping onto their mats in a sweaty mess of hope and realization that all we need is available to us when we choose to tune in and listen. - Deanna Ainsworth / Hot 8 Yoga Director, Santa Monica